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Well ladies I need your opinion. Please be honest (not polite). I got this fireplace free from my in-laws. It is a plug-in fireplace from the 50s. There is a heater above and two fans (only one works) that blow the heat. Under the fake logs there is a light bulb. It is made from travertine (I think, It is very heavy). The fireplace is 42 1/2" high x 23 1/2" deep x 56" width.  Is it cool, is it tacky, is it saleble?? How much would you be willing to pay for it ?? I am debating if I should keep it or sell it. I really do not have room for it and I can not decide if I like it. I neeeeeeeeed feed back. Thank you xoxoxox




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Clarice, what did you do with this lovely little fireplace? After being in your home, I can see more clearly that it really belongs in your family. I think it could be incorporated beautifully in your living area. Did you already do it and I missed it? There was so much to see and take in, that's simply possible!


I dig it all except for the brass. I would probably keep it for a little while just to see if I could live with it then if it became too much of an eye sore, sell it.

Toni :D


I see it painted and shabbied up. Maybe add some wood turning type trim coming down from the mantle on the corners. Then directly down from that, some trim or the wood motif trims. I am not a modern girl, so that is what I would do to make it look prim and shabby.


I don't know...I really don't know anything about fireplaces. In Brazil we don't use them, not in my State. Now I have one, but we use the gas heat and...I wish I could help you. I like it. I think would look great with the wall behing have some stones.


Hi Clarice.... Oh! I would love to have something like this in my bedroom (my dream has always been to have a fireplace in there). I would sand it and paint it to make it look as Victorian as possible (I'd probably add a wooden curly-cue thing above the fire box part, & I'd probably see if I could remove the brass or else paint that, too, or cover it with fake brick stuff (if I could do that safely). Then I would have great fun decorating the mantle with my favorite things to make it look sweet--they could be changed seasonally. Too bad I don't live closer.... I'd buy it from you and lug it home if you decide to let it go! :) Just some ideas to kick around.... Debra


Hmmm... If it were me I would be having this conflict of " my mum in law gave it too me, its free, its functional... vs do I have room, does it fit my style and am I being frugal by letting it go...

..... If you really don't have room and are not in love it ... you could try to let it go.... if you just can't.. I KNOW you'll make it work in the very best way!


That's a tough question Clarice. First I'd ask myself if I really like it and would want to see it in my house everyday. Then, since it's so large, I'd ask myself if I had room for it. I'm at a point where I don't want anything clogging up space in my house that I don't absolutely love. Lastly, if you decide not to keep it, would your in-laws care?


My current rule is would I pay double for it? If so, I love it, if not it goes. I know it is hard to use the rule given that it was free, but would have paid for it? Anything? $25? $45? If not, then I would let it live somewhere else.


The off-centeredness, as Sheila says, is odd. Trying to balance that might be difficult.


I think it's very cool. I wouldn't do anything to it but then again I live in a 50's ranch. If it doesn't go in your house, then sell it because it will be so absolutely perfect, as is, in the right house.

Lady of the House

It would definitely look great if the brass was painted a different color of your could maybe add some tile only at the top to add to the decor or maybe even stencil a nice decoration.

But I do agree with Rosemary. Aside fixing up for viewing purposes....if you don't have room for it somewhere...then I would definitely part with it.


If you have space for it, I think it would be cosy. I know there are ways, like Jody and Kelli suggested, to change the looks so it fits your style. And if you don't really love it...sell it!


Hey Clarice....I agree, if you don't have enough space then I would get rid of it...if you do find space...I can see it painted white and then buy those wooden scrolly adornments that you can find at Lowes and put some on the face of it to make it look would bring more money if you did that anyways.....just my ideas!


I think it is great! I love everything about it, especially its asymmetry. I'm sure you could find somebody who would love it.

Dee (

If anyone can make it lovely and charming, it's YOU! I don't think it's bad as is, but it doesn't look like the Clarice I've come to know. Is it too large for your bedroom? I've always wanted a tiny, corner fireplace in mine but any style would do for me. If you really don't care for it, sell it and use the money for something more "Clarice." :)


Clarice --- I like it! I wouldn't change the color, as it looks like marble. Is it? I think it would be really nice in an enclosed or partially closed covered patio in the back yard --- with wicker chairs beside it and a cozy table. Or it would be nice on a covered porch. I don't mind the off-centeredness either. . .with proper decor surrounding it, it could be lovely.


First off, I didn't know that they had these in the 50's. Second if you like it you might find room somewhere, like your bedroom or a guest room. I think I would try to change the color.
Good Luck whatever you decide.


All opinions on appearance and style aside, if you don't have room for it, it needs to go.
That's my two cents worth of brilliance.
(Did I help???)


Hi Clarice,
My first thought was the off centeredness(is that a word?!LOL) but a big floral arrangment on the left may help with that, or some fireplace tools. I have the same questions as JodyC, can you change the color of it? I think darker would be nice and look great in your library. My fireplace used to have the brass on it and there is a high heat black matte finish spray paint that you could use if you didn't like the brass. I definitely think there is potential here and having a fireplace is always nice! It looks sturdy and in great shape! Good luck and let us know what you do!


The opening being off-centre offends my high need for symmetry. :)

I personally would sell it.



Do you like this piece? I think it is cool too. Is it marble? If so, I would not want to have to move it.

I agree with Jody, I think it would really look nice in a library. I'm curious?? Where did your husbands parents have it in their house?

I also think it is very sellable, and to the right buyer would probably get a pretty good price. The fact that it's retro and all.
Retro is becoming more popular over vintage. Not with me, but with a lot of kids that grew up in the seventys and eightys are furnishing their homes with just this thing.

It's very unique. I really like it's clean lines.
See if you can find something similar on get a fair price.

Hope this helps..

Gumbo Lily

As it is, I don't like it, BUT.....
I think it has potential. I mean, who doesn't want a fireplace in their home? I can imagine it in your library. If it were mine, I would do something to it to make it have the look you want. Can you add wood, moldings, other things to it to make it have "the look" you want? Or could you faux paint it to fit your decor? Keep it if you have the perfect place for it (what about your bedroom, creating a nice ambiance?), otherwise, sell it.

How's that?

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