Happy May Day
Christmas House !!!!!

May Day Basket




We were so inspired by all the May baskets we saw on-line today, chloe and I decide to make our own. Chloe made a small May basket for the fairies and mine is the large, bombastic one. 

Thank you for the inspiration ladies xoxoxox


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They are beautiful ~ a breath of Spring!


Hello Clarice
What Beautiful May Baskets! I hope your day was full of springtime! Please if you could tell me how you made the frame around the photo?? I love it!!
Thanks so much! Nicol


Oooh, how pretty! I love how both baskets are so different and so much like their makers!

I'm very sad to say that I didn't make up a May basket this year. I made up for it though since, very fortunately, a dear friend sent me home with some gorgeous dark purple lilacs today. My bush isn't blooming yet and hers were absolutely stunning. The whole house smells amazing.



Mrs. X

Oooh, love the large *bombastic* creation (adding this delicious word to my vocabulary)!


How lovely. I love all of the flowers and the sweet little bird!


Blame It on Paris

Very pretty! I love seeing all the May Day posts. I was writing about the French May Day, too, which I very much miss.

Where is the text from your previous post from? I don't recognize it, but it looks as if you're quoting something, right? (Or did you write it?) It was very nice.

Laura F.

Lady Laurie

Beautiful May Day baskets ~ May is my favorite month!


BEautiful! My "May Basket" consisted of a mason jar with tulips & daffodils. Still pretty!



Those are great. I love the ribbon on yours and the bird and skirt on Chloe's. Love, Mom


Your May Day baskets are beautiful! I love all the spring colors!!


Lady of the House

What lovely baskets! You both did such a nice job putting these together. I love Spring time...it's just so sweet and colorful isn't it?

I've been enjoying your lovely posts. You have so many wonderful ideas which are definitely inspiring. I think I've found yet another new place to visit :)

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