May Day Basket
Vintage Storybook Woods

Christmas House !!!!!


It is Christmas House time again. I live for these sales. I do not know what I will do when she stops having them.


I got this fun little German cottage thermostate for $6.00. I love the mushroom and blue bird.


These milk glass bowls I got last weekend on my trip. A $1.00 each. These will be my cereal bowl !!                                                                                 


I Love this floral picture. It is my favorite shade of pink, blush. Not bad for $16.00.                  


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Wow, you did well!

Cherry Menlove

I love, love, love the milk glass bowls! Lucky thing you.

Cherry xx


I HAD THAT WEATHER HOUSE AS A KID!.. except I know the one you've just purchased is not mine, I picked the flowers out of the little boxes. I used to love spinning those two little people in and out the doors, making them bash their heads against the back of the house (what a lovely kid I was.. )

Thanks for the memory!


I wanted to comment on your lovely May baskets first! They are just beautiful! So lovely and so creative!
About the Christmas House:
I was waiting to see this post, because you mentioned it earlier!
What fun and what treasures you found! That's how I feel when I go to my local thrift store....there is always something to be found..."the thrill of the hunt", they say!
What I can't get over and I could stare at this photo for ages is...
The enormous trees you have on the Pacific West and how brilliantly green everything is there...such beauty!
Thank you for sharing!


Looks like a sale I would love! And what a charming house and yard besides. You found some wonderful treasures ~ enjoy!


Great stuff! Wish I could be there with you!


16 dollars for that glorious picture, what a bargain!


You found some wonderful things! I see why you look forward to your visits there so much. I'd love to see the picture hanging when you've decided on the perfect place.


I am *so* regretting not going last weekend! With so much company over the past couple of weeks, I can barely remember my own name. Still, to have missed the Christmas House is nearly tantamount to an admission of complete and total lunacy.

Great finds, Clarice!


Fabulous finds!! I adore the little cereal bowls myself :)


What fun and what great stuff! I'ma ctually sitting here eating cereal for dinner and wishing I had a bowl like that.

Cheers! LA


Forget about the goodies (although they are true treasures in my book) - I want the house!!


Wow, I don't know what the Christmas House is, but it looks very fun.
You got some great stuff!!


Wow! What great finds. Love the little milk glass bowls!


Clarice, is her house for sale? Maybe i could buy it and continue the tradition! Well, it was a nice dream anyway. I loved the looks of all the items in front of her house---the wheelbarrow, dinette set, everything. You truly found some gems! Abby


I have been stalking German weather houses on Ebay, so lucky you!

I would have totally bought that white dresser in front of the house in the photo. Like running over to it, please let no one else buy it before I get there type of thing. LOL


Oooo, I wish that I could go to that sale too--you found some wonderful things!!! I especially like the picture.


i saw the same thermometer last week at the local mcc thrift store. There were instructions on the back about puting the man or woman in the little house during certain types of weatger. Wish I bought it. drat


What fun!!! I wish I could go with you there!
Maybe someday.

Happy May.


OOOOO- I want the pie basket on the chair--looks like you had fun!


Lovely, lovely, lovely treasures Clarice! Especially love the painting.


Oh, that painting is just gorgeous, Clarice!!! The cottage is so sweet and I love your new cereal bowls! I wish I could have joined you for the sale!

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