Show and Tell Friday

This and That and see you next week


Hello ladies I am off to visit my in-laws. Maybe there will be some sun there. Have a lovely weekend and I will see you later next week. 

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Well I have been blessed again ;-)

Sharon at Violet Cottage knows my love of old children's books and sent me the most charming ones. Thank you Sharon for thinking of me. You are so sweet and remember you are perfect xoxox

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Also Jill at Bittersweet (who is to generous) sent me a love-bird packet.

"What are love packets? I'm glad you asked! Love Packets, as I believe I've appropriately named, are bags/packets filled with soulful little objects of affection, items to be used briefly, or for a short time, and items to just look at, I believe you would call them, Ephemeral objects of affection. Anyway it gives me great pleasure to share them with my friends." say Jill

It was lovely Jill and what a wonderful idea. I will have to think about sending out some Love-bird packets myself. Thank you sweetie


Chloe and I made this yummy raspberry coffee cake from Kelli There Is No Place Like Home. And I did not change it (well not that much  ;-). I used half whole wheat pastry. Mine was cooked in 40 minutes and next time I am going to try berries instead of jam. I will just take frozen raspberries and push it down in the cream cheese.                                                  Thank you Kelli we all LOVED it xoxox



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I've just been reading your blog and enjoying it much! It's great getting surprises in the mail from blog-friends!


I hope you had a relaxing time away. A change of scenery is so nice every now and then.

tongue in cheek

Happy time away and may it be full of good things.


Oh I hope you have a great time visiting and what lovely things you perfectly you!


How nice to receive such lovely gifts! I made Kelli's coffee cake also, and used my homegrown frozen blueberries~delicious!
Hope you had a good weekend,

Kelli received such wonderful "pretties," Clarice!!! I'm so glad liked the cake....I'm going to try the fresh berries next time too...what a yummy idea! Have a wonderful time visiting family.


I am so happy that you like the books, Clarice ~ like I said, I saw them and thought of you xxx
Enjoy your weekend!

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