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Well I pulled together our Easter menu. We will have a brunch and my sister and mother will also be making some dishes. But this is what I am making. This is a twist of a Susan Branch recipe and here is what you do. The day before make creamed spinach and quick hollandaise. The next day you gently warm them. On your plate you set a layer of spinach, then you set a artichoke bottom on the spinach. The artichoke is cup shape and you fill it with scrambled or poached egg. Then set a piece of smoked salmon on the eggs and pour hollandaise sauce over the top. Garnish with chopped chives or fresh parsley.

We will also have spiral cut ham with orange marmalade glaze. I like to drizzle the ham with chunky orange marmalade, because the orange candies in the oven and is soo yummy with the ham.

I will also make Mixed greens salad.

The girls will make stuffed eggs.

For dessert I will make Strawberry Trifles with Riesling Syrup the day before. Yummm.


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Mmmmm....hope it was yummy, and that your Easter was blessed. And i just love this image! I'd love to post it if you were okay with it : ) I actually have a similar egg, i love it...

Blessed Easter, and Blessed Week : ) Wendy


Sounds wonderful! Your family is very blessed by your amazing cooking.


Mmmm... my mouth is watering! Especially because of the Strawberry Trifle!

Thanks for visiting! It sounds like you are such a neat person! I can't wait to come back and visit you again!



I was anxiously awaiting your Easter menu. Sounds yummy.I love creamed spinach!
Have a wonderful Easter.

Jill 00

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