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Corner Of My Home


Well I finally took down my bird tree. I know Christmas was 4 months ago but it has been too cold to work out there. The sun has been peeking out, so we took advantage and cleaned out the shoe-room (as we call it). I still love my nests and scattered them around. See that large green glass bottle? Isn't it amazing. It belonged to grandmother Bell. It is a very old oil bottle she got in Mexico. The light jar is a garage sale find. The small dark green bottle was a goodwill bargain. It was covered in wicker that was all moldy, but I could see there was pretty green glass under it. So I took it home cut off the moldy wicker. It is a beautiful hand-blown bottle. I am soo glad I did not let that black mold gross me out !!



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Blame It on Paris

How pretty! I love this little corner. I wish I could make things visually beautiful like you!


We had a large bottle, like on the left. But it had been a wine bottle. At least, that's what we thought.

It was a prized possession for a few years. Then our two little boys were playing run-after-the-other and...... the youngest collided with the bottle and it shattered. Sad yes. But what really mattered was that he was not hurt.

We still remember that lovely bottle. Thank you for bringing back, that memory. If the bottle and the busy, happy little boy. :-)



I love your nests and your beautiful bottles! And the corner, like literally huh? of your home! I wonder if the wickered glass one was a wine bottle of some sort?


What lovely photos, the glass bottles look great on the sill in front of the window. Love your header too, very pretty!


Such an inspiring picture, my son collects for me any fallen bird nest he finds-some are less then desirable. There is a reason the birds moved out!! Of course I keep them anyway, they were after all "just for you mama". I used to have this really cool knarled branch that I hung on the wall to display them, but when we moved my sons mistook it for a sword and well it did not survive the battle. Sheesh, sorry for the book here-I got a bit excited with your post- now I have the inspiration I need to re-display some of them. So thanks is what I want to say.....Grin



Your little shelf looks great all decked out for Spring.I love the nest.

Jill 00

Glad your feeling better too.


Clarice...I love it...just the help I needed to put something different on my front porch. Thanks for your willingness to share your ideas!


Ooooh Clarice--this photo literally took my breath away! I am *always* amazed at what you are able to do with everyday items!


Hi Clarice! I love your display and your bottles. This is my first time to your blog...very nice!


I love, love, love all the nests, Clarice and the bottles are incredible!!



So pretty Clarice! I saw a coffee table display in a magazine where they had several types of glass jugs & bottles in a wire milk crate. A few flowers were added in some of the bottles. Your display reminded me of it.

I love the "new look" of Storybook Woods. Very inviting and crisp!


Oh, your window display is so quaint and pretty. Thanks for sharing.


Teresa Sheeley

This is very beautiful. I just love it!!


This is gorgeous. I have a birds nest tucked away in the basement waiting until Jack is a little bigger so I can haul it out!


What a beautiful vignette...thanks for the inspiration!


Clarice, your nests/eggs and bottles look so beautiful the way you have them displayed. Love the green of your walls, too!


All the glass looks really pretty with the light coming thru the window. I love the colors. Love, Mom


I love your corner of your home. I never thought to do something like that and I am just crazy about it!!! I am going to start looking for those types of glass when estate sales start here in Iowa.
Thank you for the INSPIRATION!!!
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

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