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Happy Easter


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Blame It on Paris

The rhubarb rose fool looks very tempting. I don't think I've ever made anything like it, and you know what that means! I want to try.

Also, your idea of heaven is mine, too, Clarice. :) I just read your "about." Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!

Laura Florand


Just beautiful, Clarice!! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter!


Clarice, how beautiful and delicious that looks! Thanks so much for sharing that recipe with all of us.

I love that you still love homeschooling!! You are blessed. Happy Easter! Lidy


Wow, that is an exquisite presentation! I have never tried this, it sounds delightful - thank you so much for inviting me to your potluck! :)


Betty Jo

Oh My! What a wonderful sounding dish and so beautiful the way you have displayed it. I can hardly wait to try this. xoxo


This looks delicious Clarice. It's one of my favorite dishes of yours. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe! Hasn't Phyllis done a marvelous job of setting the table at Shabby in the city. Everything looks beautiful! I've brought Sweet Spring Apple Blossoms for the dessert buffet.
Best wishes!


Oh yum! I love the flower garnish!!!


Ok, so BAAD and yet SOOOOO GOOOOD!!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Something different to try. It looks good too. I am having so much fun finding all of these new, to me, blogs. Thanks for sharing.


That looks so yummy! I had never heard of it before either. I like the little pansy and forget-me-nots you added! We're cooking today too over at my blog... =)


what a beautiful dessert! I have never heard of it before...thank you! Gail thetatterednest.blogspot.com

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Look so pretty!!!!!
Come join me as well and have some Bobotie with me in South Africa

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