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Well my baby is 11. Chloe is one of those wonderful children who is very deep and wise beyond her age. But appreciates being a kid all at the same time. She has a huge heart. She will not read Secret Garden because at the beginning of the book the children are mean to Mary. Chloe will not tolerate anyone being mean. Tomorrow she will have her Pirate of Caribbean/Eragon party (these, plus dragons and horses are her passion).  Since I created for Aubern'es birthday a stuffed Raspberry french toast, she wanted me to come up with something special for her. So I made waffles, spread with nutella and sliced bananas on top. She also had bacon and fresh strawberries. In bed of course :-)

I love you sweetie, you are our sunshine and you keep us young. Daddy and I are so proud of you.

xoxoxo Mommy


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Awww, what a sweet girl!! Happy (even though I'm late) Birthday Cutie Pie Cloe!!!! 11! That is so grown up! Gack, our children should not be allowed to age to double digit numbers!


Happy birthday Chloe! Sounds like you had a wonderful and special birthday...


Happiest birthday wishes to Chloe! What a wonderful breakfast in bed.


Happy Birthday, Chloe! You are beautiful inside and out!! May you always have such a sweet and tender heart. Your friend, Abby


Happy Birthday, Chloe! What a sweet girl you are! It sounds like your day was very special and what a YUMMY breakfast you had. :0)



Happy Birthday, Chloe!! :-D


Happy, happy day dear Chloe. I can't believe you are 11! I can't wait to hear about your party. It sounds like so much fun. We are big pirate fans in the pink kitchen.

Big birthday hugs, LA


Belated Birthday wishes for Chloe!!

Susan P.

A big happy Birthday to Chloe! She sounds like such a wonderful young lady:) I also wanted to "pop" in and wish you and your family a most blessed and happy Easter, Clarice! Big hugs to you!


Clarice, Happy birthday to your darling Chloe! She sounds like a lovely person. Don't forget the apple doesn't fall far the tree.


Happy Birthday Chloe!
Don't forget to eat at least one Moose Munch Bar on your birthday.
Your Mom told me about them, and now Patrick and I are addicted. Every time we go to target now, it's top on our list.
Hope your birthday is filled with lot's of love!!!!

Jill 00


Hi Clarice... Happy birthday wishes to Chloe! And I love the new look of your blog--so springtime-fresh.... and your petite magazine idea is wonderful! If my head wasn't so full of getting our house ready to sell and this huge future move, I would definitely buy one from you. When we get settled and ready to decorate, I'll definitely be around to get one from you for your amazing ideas (so keep them coming!). Blessings, Debra

Terri Pollhein

A very happy birthday to your girl! They grow up too quickly, don't they?


Happy Birthday Chloe! (She looks so delighted in that second picture!)


Happy, happy birthday, Chloe!! We're looking forward to celebrating with you on Wednesday!
Mary and Susannah


Yes you are special and bring a lot of joy into our lives. Love, Grandma


Happy Birthday Chloe!

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