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Things I love

These wonderful Out Of Hands, Paper Roses. I love ideas of using what I already have around my house.


Susan if you read this post, I can not tell you how much we are enjoying China Bayles' Book Of Days by Susan Wittig Albert. I like that each page is just a bite of info. Not toomuch but very interesting. I have read a lot about herbs, but am still learning things I did not know. Aubern'e is also really enjoying it. She is really like the bits of history. At the beginning of the week, we check out the book for the upcoming week. This is a really wonderful resource for our homeschool. Susan also has  About Thyme podcast. If you go to the China Bayle link, you can sign up for a free weekly e-mail that is very similar to what is in the book. Thank you Susan.


Ohh my gosh what can I say about Harry and David's Moose Munch Bars. Well except you HAVE to try one. I got mine at Target. Heaven !!!


I rented Great Scotch Whiskey  at nextflix (Although I think it is called On The Whiskey Trail, but it is the same thing) and I have to say David and I loved this video. I am not into whiskey at all but it was like a wonderful travel video of Scotland. There is also the most fascinating history. It was like a little mini-vacation. There is also one on Irish whiskey. We enjoyed them soo much, I bought them for David.

Lastly, if you bought a copy of the petite-mag and your first page is the content page and not the cover, please e-mail me so I can fix it. Thank you xoxox



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I always love your 'things I love' posts. And the new look of your blog is beautiful! What a pretty color too.

Susan P.

Wow, I just love your new look Clarice! I had to do a "double take" because I thought I was in the wrong blog! Your header is just beautiful. I wanted to tell everybody that I purchased your magazine and I just loved it. It is soo Clarice!! It is chock full of wonderful ideas for crafts and decorating, recipes and a lot of lovely pictures. If you love Storybook Woods then you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the magazine!


I love the new look! AND I want to thank you for introducing me to China Bayless a couple of months ago...I am TOTALLY addicted now and enjoy her newsletter...We grow herbs here at the farm and it gave me several ideas to try this year!



I just read your book, and I must say I found the entire book lovely, and full of so much information.

I must ask,when is the next issue?

Jill 00


I'm getting ready to check out your little book.
I have some relaxing time before beginning work.

Clarice, Love the new banner!

Jill 00


Love the new look!

And the petit-magazine is simply scrumptious! Thank you : )


Well!!!! I finally had time to sit and order your booklet and I'm so glad I did! It is the first document saved on my mac!! Heh heh! Oh I love the pillow and now I kick myself for throwing out the old peach wool blanket. Such great ideas and inspirations!!! Thank you for sharing those with us!


Your new banner is pretty, pretty, pretty!!!

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