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Well I am sure you are thinking I fell off the earth, but I am here peeking out from my dark hole (my library) to say hello. I am almost done and hopefully will be able to share my secret. I will say my brain is soo much bigger then it was a week ago. I have not had to work or think this hard in a long time. While you are waiting on me, check out this new yummy blog. Tparty I have always wanted a tea house and it would be just like your Susan. I love it and am sure you readers will too. 



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Leigh Ann

Susan's tea house is the one of my dreams. Believe me as I'm lucky enough to have been there in person. Just divine.

Cheers! LA

PS I guess the trick is to email you and then try and comment! :)

Susan P.

Clarice, I was so happy to see a post from you, I missed you! Goodness, I can't stand the suspense! Tell us what you've been up to, pretty please;)


Clarice, I love Crabapple Hill patterns - just like you! I've stitched several and have a selection yet that I haven't started - but they are on 'my list'. Right now I'm working on the embroidery for the 'tea party' quilt. BTW, thanks for sharing the T-Party link. Lovely!



I can't wait until you unveil your projects.Notice I used the s at the end, since I know this will only be the beginning..

Susan sure has some cute merchandising corners doesn't she? So cute!

Jill 00


Clarice--thanks so much! I loved the whole tea party idea and of course, adored her Hoosier cabinets! Blessings, Debra


Dear Clarice,
Thank you for sharing my new "T-Cozy" blog with your loyal readers! You are so generous and kind-hearted. My sincere appreciation,


Clarice, I've been wondering and wondering what you've been up to this week! I've decided you are writing a book! Well, or maybe a screen-play? Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be awesome!

Thanks for visiting Gracious Hospitality. I'm glad you like me new little nature book for children. It's in good shape and I was happy to only have to pay $5.00 for it. I was shocked --- some 'not so interesting' books there were much, much more!

Looking forward to your 'reveal'.



I've been thinking about you, Clarice! I can't wait to see your secret!!


This sounds exciting! Thanks foir popping by & visiting!!!


Hi Clarice....I've missed you and checked in a few times a day over the last few! Believe it or not, I just discovered the T Party blog this evening a few moments before I came here!!
Nice to have you back.

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