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I saw these amazing flowers at Miz.SmoochieLips and luckily for me she did a wonderful Frayed Flower tutorial. We had soo much fun making these. Thank you Tia for the idea and tutorial xoxo



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Jennifer Paganellli

Clarice you blow me away...Miss smmochielips is smiling on you...Be well.. love, Jennifer



I just love the roses!

Thanks for sharing the info too.


Your flowers turned out gorgeous, Clarice. Thanks for sharing this with us; it's another something I would love to try.


Wow! you did a great job on those roses, they are swoony beautiful! I HAVE got to try making some too. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


Clarice...oh, they are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing that idea... and thanks for my birthday wish over at my blog... Blessings, Debra


Love these roses.Thanks for sharing and to Tia as well. All the roses are sooo romantic! I must try one.

Luv Annabelle


Your flowers are lovely! They reminded me of "Little Women" almost at once.

Mary T.

Just added these to my "things to try" files. Thanks.


You made these ~ I am so impressed ~ they are gorgeous!! You are one crafty girl!


I had altogether forgotten about Tia's lesson on these...I must get busy...they are great!


Oh goodnesssssss lady! Those are spectacular frayed beauties!!! I love how yours turned out!!

So what are you going to do with them? Something de-lish? They're stunning!


They are beautiful!!!


Oh my! They are gorgeous Clarice!!



Oh, I love these! I must try it! :)
Thanks so much for sharing!


Oh, Clarice! These look lovely in the photos. So often photos don't do the finished product justice. Having seen the flowers in person, these photos come close to showing how lovely they are!

BTW, everyone, those Three Citrus Cookies? Seriously yummy! Thanks, Clarice!

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