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Okay, wah-laa here is what I have been up to.

A petite-magazine to sell. It is a PDF file that you purchase and save. You can print it up or just read it on your computer. I will say it is very large (24 pages, all with pictures) so it can take a while to download but hopefully worth it.  I chose an egg theme, which seemed perfect for spring and a new beginning. Read below and you can see what there is in the egg issue. It is $6.25 and as I said 24 pages. If you have questions feel free to e-mail me.

Thank you Angie, Mary and Kristin helping me and putting up with my neurotic behavior this past week.

I also wanted to say please do not feel pressured to purchase my petite-magazine or to feel that you should not come to my blog because you did not purchase it. My blog is a gift for all and it can be so tricky to have a blog and sell things. But I never want to take away from Storybook Woods. So just enjoy and no pressure xoxox





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jennifer Paganellli

Clarice how clever are you!!! I've got to get back over and spend more time but you amaze me....I'm rooting for you at my fabric glad we are linked up!!!
You are sooo way talented...Jennifer

Cheryl (Copper's Wife)

Congratulations, Clarice!! Best wishes on your new endeavor!


OOhh Clarice,
This is wonderful, you should really seriously think of writing a paper cook book too. Your a natural at it and your idea and images are beautiful! YOu sure have a talent.


Great idea and even better since it was yours! What an exciting new venture and outlet for you!...Congrats


Congratulations, Clarice!! It looks absolutely beautiful!! You are so creative!!!


It looks beautiful, Clarice. I can't wait to get a copy!


Oh, Clarice! Your magazine looks to beautiful! And I love how you call it a petite magazine! :) I'm saving pennies right now so that hopefully very soon we can begin to build a new house but I'm so glad you shared the opening page. It's absolutely beautiful!!!

What a wonderful idea!


An Ebook!!! How exciting!!!!!! So that's what you've been doing all squirreled away! And here I thought you were putting together a cook book! Lol!


How very clever of you. A pdf magazine is a brilliant idea!

Dianntha Lessig

Oh Clarice, it looks grand! We are on dial-up so there is no way to download it from here....I will have to find another way to purchase your sweet magazine! Congrats!!!!!


It's darling. perfect! I am printing mine so I can sit and look at it over and over again in bed tonight with a cuppa tea.
Congrats on a job well done.


Soooo sweet....Have to get it :0)
If you get a chance please stop by my blog :)


Good luck with your magazine.


Wonderful, Clarice!! I will enjoy reading it this afternoon. Your ideas are always pretty and creative. Thank you for taking the plunge!! Abby



I can't believe you did this in one short week.

I'm up to my ears in pantry cleaning, and can't wait to take a break with your mag.

Great Job!
Jill 00

Mary T.

You took the plunge! Yeah! I'll be getting my issue later today as it's only 6:30AM right now and Andrew needs to be at school in 30 minutes and then my day is full until this afternoon. Can't wait to see the complete magazine! Love you!


How lovely....I'm going right now to purchase...what a neat idea!!


Done and is charming Clarice. Thank you for this Spring gift. I can't wait to make some of those gorgeous Easter egg pillows. (And have lunch on the terrace with you!)By the way, when I downloaded it didnt come with a front cover, but straight onto page 1, contents. Is that what you intended? With a warm hug, Gill.

Art Tea Life

I am very intrigued on your book-let !

This table for two looks divine !!!!

Love, S.

Susan P.

Yay, Clarice!!! How exciting for you AND for us! You always have the best ideas and I can only imagine how wonderful this is going to be!! Sign me up!!! Big hugs, Susan P.


Wow, you are so talented, Clarice! What a lovely idea! And a great theme too.


Am I the first one to congratulate you? Woohoo!

Way to go, girl! This looks amazing. I have to say I was thinking something booky was coming out of the woods.

I can't wait to get my hot little hands on this.

Cheers! LA

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