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No, I have not died

Project Break




Hello ladies, I have a secret project I am working on and hopefully I will be able to do it. I am going to take a week of from the blog to work on it. I will miss all of you but hopefully I will have a productive week. Remember to do something fun and eat something yummy every day.      It is most important xoxox



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You've peeked my curiosity. Can't wait to see what you've been up to!

charlotte lyons

Hmmmm. wondering what it is that's keeping you busy for a whole week. Hope it is lots of fun and see you back soon. xoC


HI there. Just found you today and find you are on hiatus! ARGH! Now you see what my luck is like.

I love what I see. I will be bookmarking you and hopping back through the woods. Especially to see if the 'secret' project gets revealed...


Mary T.

Hmmm....secrets...I can't wait to hear/see what you've been playing with.

Glamour Mom

A secret? How lovely, can't wait to see. As for the eating...well, one thing just won't do so maybe 1/16 of a bite of many...ha ha. I really enjoy all your vintage posts. Very inspiring.


Have a fun and productive respite.


Curiouser and curiouser...!
Have a delight-filled week. Mrs.Holter-Hovind.

Copper's Wife

Best wishes on your big project!! I'll be anxious to see what you've been working on.


Oh Clarice! I'll miss you... but can't wait to see the finished secret project! Blessings, Debra


I can't stand the suspense! Hope it goes very well, Clarice, we will miss you.


Have a happy and productive week- I look forward to hearing about your project!!


Now you have my wonderer going! LOL! Can't wait to see it! Would it be ok to link your blog with mine....I love it!


I can't wait to see what you're doing behind closed doors! Thank you for your sweet support to me :) And the menu below makes my mouth water!!! I'm putting my shoes on so I can come scrounge through your fridge! lol!


Secret project?! The suspense is almost to hard to bear. ;-) I'll be sure to check back.



Yay! Secret project time! Having gotten a sneak peek at the prelims, I can whisper to all your faithful followers that it's going to be AMAZING!! : )


You would be so horrified if you saw the things I eat. LOL Good luck on the project.

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