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Hello I do not know if anyone has worked with soft pastels but we love them. What we love is how easy they are to draw with and how wonderful they are for layering colors. I took a class a long time ago about how to get children interested in art. She recommended soft pastels. You start either with light and go darker, visa-versa. You make a basic shape like an oval and start adding to it. Lets say a  fish, add smudgy fins, face, ect. Then finally add strokes to define your picture. It is amazing how much detail there is for little effort. This is why this is good for a reluctant artist.

I love them because I love to smug all my colors together and these blend so beautifully. The soft pastels we use is a 60 box of half sticks by Rembrandt. I know they are a bit pricey but they last forever. I found them for a very good price at Blick. If you want to set the pictures so they do not smudge, spray them with hairspray. But this does darken the colors a bit.

Now to my post I found this wonderful old book Blackboard Sketching by Fredrick Whitney. He is sketching with chalk on a chalkboard but uses the same technique I was talking about. I think the soft pastels would work wonderful with this book. I found Blackboard Sketching very charming and inspiring. My favorite combo !!!



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annewithane65 (Kim)

The animals are so sweet!


Great book! Why didn't they teach me this in my education courses at college? Would have been much more useful than some of those teaching classes...


I'm not too artistic when it comes to drawing, but I know my daughter loves using soft pastels. Great picture! Debbie

suzi finer

Pastels are one of my favorite versatile, so beautiful!

Jennifer Paganellli

You do find the coolest things Clarice....
Have to say those illustrations are priceless and oh that cool bread or is it cookies my daughter wwill love it..
Talk soon...Jennifer


I love working with pastels too. The book looks like a great find.



I have never worked with pastels before, Clarice, but I think Grace has some in an art box, I'll have to give them a try! I love the little animals...too cute!


Oh I used to work with pastels. Mmmm... maybe I should do so, again. :-)



I just found your web page and fell in love. I envy people who can cook and really take pleasure in it. I never learned how and in my 53 years, quite frankly it makes me nervous. You recipes sound so yummy, your pictures don't even need words, they say it all.


Good post! My little one loves pastels too! Well, she loves everything really, but I was amazed how quickly she picked up the pastels!

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