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Chocolate Granola





One thing I try to always have in my freezer are biscuits. We are big tea drinkers (12 pds a year) and I like to be able to at lest have some biscuits with our tea. They are great for desserts too. Add some sliced bananas and nutella. Of course fresh fruit and whip cream, or just jam and butter. My favorite is a piece of chocolate (dark of course :) with orange marmalade !!!

You will see this recipe (click above) uses buttermilk. I use a high fat buttermilk. Fat makes perfect biscuit. I know, I know fat. But it is better to have one small perfect thing, then a whole lots of nothing.

Also I say in the recipe to kneed 6 times. What I mean is to fold over the dough six time. You press the dough into a rectangle, fold over, turn the dough. Basically do this pattern 6 times. This will help create a flaky biscuits. It is not hard, just press gently.

Lastly I think baking biscuits frozen makes a better biscuit. Now I am not an a pastry chef and do not know a ton about the science of baking. I can not prove this but I think the texture and moistness of a biscuit that was baked off frozen is better then chilled. So I always freeze my biscuits. Boy that does not sound good does it ;)



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I found your blog this morning. How delighful! I saw that biscuit recipe and just had to try it. And, I did. They are simply delicious! Just perfect for tea or coffee. Thanks for the wonderful recipe. I'll pop in to blog-visit often! Rebekah


I love to have biscuits around too, great idea to freeze them before baking them!!

My kids love to have them with butter and maple syrup a treat my mom-in-law made for them on last years visit! YUM

Copper's Wife

So, Clarice....I'm so dense. You freeze your biscuits after you've cut them out? And then pop them in the oven frozen just as you would your frozen muffins? Girlfriend, you really do inspire me with these nifty ways of saving time in the kitchen.


MMmm..biscuits and tea sounds so nice, I wish I could join you! Thank you for the recipe! It makes sense that freezing the biscuits is better because most recipes talk about making sure the butter if very cold. But the mixing and rolling of the dough probably warms it up quite a bit! I will have to give it a try!!

I love the little poem, I'll have my girls write it out tomorrow and then draw daffodills, we have some coming up in our neighborhood! :0)
Have a great day!


I got stuff today to make the soda bread and the banana muffins. My freezer is going to be full. Thanks. Love, Mom



You have been busy in the kitchen.
Do you like Rose Petal China Black Tea?
If you do I am going to send you some. I also have some wild strawberry that is very good.
I sold teas at the shop and have a large selection I would like to share with you. Oh, also vanilla, with real vanilla pieces dried in the tea.

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