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Well I just had to share a picture of me and my lovely weekend. I flew over Sunday morning to my small estate in England, having yummy munchies in tow. Dear hubby kept me supplied in rose cosmopolitans while I had fun drooling over the fashions.


My all time favorite was Jennifer Lopez. She was beautiful, a bit different and ethereal. All my favorites. 

Penelope Cruz was a veryyyyy close second. The color of that dress. Yummyyyy !!


Also I thought Reese looked absolutely stunning and happy. I love Reese and was so happy, to see her happy.

It was a fun night. If you want to create an alter M&M ego go here !!!!!


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I'm so pleased you had such a fun weekend with the girls! Fun post.

Jennifer Paganellli

Clarice..always great to see what you are up to favorite was her, love the gown...I thought everyone was so elegant!! Thanks for coming by the blog...I love when you visit!! Hugs, Jennifer


I love all 3 dresses, but Reese is my favorite. Her dress is sooooo gorgeous ! Auberne' =]


The dresses were so pretty, Clarice!

Susan P.

How funny, Clarice! LOL I thought Reese looked stunning, too! I think she is the cutest thing:)


My fav was Reese. I was waiting to see if she could come up to or top her look at the Golden Globes. And she did. I love her too. :-)



Clarice, I agree-those are the best dresses! I never watch the Oscars, but I do watch some of the recaps the following day just so I can check out the dresses. :) Thanks for sharing your favorites! Blessings, Debra


Great post ~ I missed the Oscars ~ I always forget its on. I will have to go check out the M&M site since I am a M&M fiend!!


I am (not so secretly) completely in love with Penelope!

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