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Did you know the Susan Albert (the author of the Beatrix Potter mysteries) has a blog Lifescapes. I am so excited and it is a wonderful blog. Just like her writting. You have to check it out !!! I also found out about a new book that Susan wrote from Alice (thank you Alice) China Bayles' Book Of Days. It looks wonderful.

Another book I have to get  :-)


Image from Lifescape


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=^..^= Miss Clarice!

Now why-O-why should I be at all surprised to see that you are a fan of Susan Wittig-Albert? Of course you would be!

I did not know of the book of days ... I can only imagine it's yumminess. I must look for it next trip to the bookstore so I can see inside. I have long wished to own her little herb shop (in the China Bayles mysteries) or at the very least, shop there!

=^..^= love, zU


I have been keeping my eyes and ears open for a good mystery series...Thanks so much for the heads up!Off to do a search!


Thanks for passing this on, Clarice. Your recommendations are always great! Debbie



Looks like a couple of books I would enjoy too.

Thanks for the sharing.

Jill 00


Oh I love the China Bayles series and I have visited her website and get her newsletter, one of my favorite mystery authors!

Susie R

Oh, thank you for sharing this! I love "China Bayles". I remember you telling the ladies at Homemade Living about the Beatrix Potter mysteries, too. I've added them to my library list.

Mrs. Staggs

Thanks for the link Clarice. I've enjoyed a couple of those mysteries. It'll be fun to check out the site!


Clarice, thank you for sharing this information! And what a lovely photo --- lavender, herbs, something written --- all favorite things!

Enjoy a great week-end!

Susan P.

Thanks Clarice! You always find us the most wonderful things to look at. You are MY "google!" LOL

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