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I may be the only one who did not know this (then this will be a wasted post) but just in case I have to share. I learned about Podcasts from Mary. First I thought to listen to i-tunes, podcast, podvideos you need an i-pod. But I learned you can download it on your computer and listen to it there. It is free to download i-tunes and easy. There are so many amazing free podcasts. Knitting shows, cooking shows, books read. I worked on my embroidery and listened to The Country Of Pointed Firs by Sarah Orne Jewett . One of my favorite podcasts is An old fashioned girl.This is thier blog and there is a link to the podcast. It is like spending the afternoon with a couple of my girlfriend's. Talking all those girly things I love to talk about. Shoes, pride and prejudice, yummy cleaning products. I am really loving Cara and Andrea.



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Kay in Nebraska

Clarice, thanks for this info on pod-casts. I just upgraded to a faster internet connection and could actually listen to the cast w/ no pauses.
The girls are a hoot!


Thanks for sharing this info. It is all above my head at this point, but someday soon I will try to learn. Sounds wonderful.


Clarice ~ I'm i love with this old tin! What a scrumptious picture.


I went over to LibriVox and downloaded the week's worth of poetry/books/chapters. I decided to try to listen to the "County of Pointed Firs" as you recommended, but I just couldn't. For me, the reader bored me to tears and I was never enraptured in the story. I think possibly the readers will make the story worth listening to. What do you think?

~Jody (easily side-tracked)


I didn't know this, Clarice. My boys have i-Tunes and download their music all the time, but I had no idea I could download books to listen on the computer. THANK YOU (((squinch))) for pointing the way!

I love the idea of someone reading aloud to me while I embroider.


Clarice, this is news to me so thank you for mentioning it. I'm going to check out The Country of Pointed
Firs as I've been wanting to read that for some time.


Is that a pic of an old tin box, it is lovely! What are you using it for:-)


I've heard about these, but haven't heard one. I guess I also thought you needed an I-Pod or something.

Thanks for pointing out some good ones, I'll have to try them out.

Mary T.

Glad you were able to download i-tunes and find some fun things to listen to. I put up some of my florals on my site, thanks for the encouragement.


Thanks for sharing, Clarice! I will have to check this out. :)

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