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Thank you, you ladies are the best xoxoxx

PS. To answer a few questions about the violet sugar.

1. It is violet sugar, not sugared violets. They are two very different things. With violet sugar you use the sugar. Eventually the violets dry up and you throw them away. With sugared (or candied) violets, they are done with a totally different process and you can eat the candied violets.

2. How to use them. We are BIG tea drinkers and love to use the sugar in tea. Especially a delicate tea. Also it is good sprinkled on fresh fruit, on sugar cookies or on scones. Lastly in making a chocolate sauce the violet sugar add a flowery touch. 

I am creating a cookie recipe for the sugar. I will post it tomarrow evening.

3. You just mix violets with sugar and should be ready to use after 2 weeks. But will keep for a year or more.



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That's even better Clarice.
Yum, Yum violet sugar in tea. Makes me think of SPRING!
Sun tea with violet sugar and maybe a sprig of mint on the side.
Jill 00


I have a recipe somewhere for lavender sugar cookies...we made them last year and they were just wonderful. I also love vanilla sugar! I went to a tea party last spring and we had tea cakes with pansies on them. Before that I wasn't aware that yo could eat those. they were so pretty!

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