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I just had to try out these little catalog card notes~I love them! Thanks Clarice!

Leigh Ann

Thanks for sharing. I've gotta try this.

The Oscars sounded fun. I was having "babies-who-won't-sleep" issues that night.

Cheers! LA


I love Clarice!!

teresa mcfayden

oooooh I love Cosmopolitans!! yummy! Cheers!

Susan P.

Oh what a fun idea! I am going to have to go and make one, too! I love watching the fashions at the Oscars, too.


What a sweet catalog card!
I love seeing what everyone is wearing too! Enjoy your evening!



Love the card!
Oh I am watching the Oscars too!!
Jill 00


Oh, love your catalog card! I saw one on another blog, followed the link and tried to make one, but after I placed it on my blog it hoo... Guess I'll have to try again. Thanks for the reminder and I loved your remember grace note! Clarice!

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