Oscar Fun
March 1

Pirates and flowers




It have been lazy around here. We have barely been able to hold off getting sick. So we are all laying  low. I made another hot-pad. This one is a large one for big pans. Thank you Debbie for this idea xoxox

Auburne's is still in a pirate/medieval/heraldry mood. She made this pirate pencil case. Chloe has not been crafting. With the sun coming out, she has been running around the yard looking for birds.I hope to get some bulk baking done. I will postabout that soon.




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Jennifer Paganellli

love the hotpad!!! and the pencil case....
lots of stuff brewing by you I can smell the baked stuff now!!!


What a pretty little hot pad! Love the hankie on it too :)


It's a beautiful hot-pad, Clarice! I love your fabric/napkin combinations; such a great idea.
Very great pencil case, Auberne!
Hope you're all feeling well soon. Debbie

Leigh Ann

This stuff is great!

I thought of your pirate lover at Target the other day. They have a bunch of Pirates of the Carib. things in the dollar stop. I bought it all up for my nephew's bday.

Cheers! LA



You have sun there.

Glad to know there still IS a sun.

Remind me again, what does it look like?



Love the pot holder.I made curtains out of that same Amy Butler fabric. I am so into color at the moment.

Please tell Auburne I like her pencil pouch too.

I hope your not getting that terrible virus that I had. Make sure you get plenty of rest and fluids...
Jill 00

teresa mcfayden

It's yuc being sick. Hope you are all better soon! LOVE that potholder. So darling!! So is the pencil case!!!

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