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Winter Corners 4




Here are some of the Valentines we made. They did not quite turn out a wonderful as I imagine but I am trying to set that aside and just embrace them. My idea was the radicchio would look like a peony and the endive as rosettes. The radicchio just more like a pink mess but I am really happy with the endive. I cut the radicchio in half and cut the tip off the endive. The endive made the most charming small roses.


Endive2 103620radicchio



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So "rich" ideas with ordinary things...

I love those 2 cards !!!


Oh all you artistic ladies are just wonderful! I don't seem able to think up these things and do them, but I love it, that you do. :-)



HI!..I have used this idea to make large roses on a sweatshirt using the end of the stalks of celery
that you cut off and throw away.They are so realistic...TRY IT.


I was so happy to get my beautiful card in the mail, Clarice! You are very creative and always make such wonderful things!


Yum! Food and art! That's a perfect recipe for creativity! I love the roses.


Love this! I have some brussel sprouts in the garden and I think we may be picking some to try this idea out! Thanks for letting me copy you (as usual!)
Love, Angie


I received mine yesterday! I loved it! Thanks for sharing such good ideas with us, Clarice!



Such a lovely creative idea. Especially the rosettes.Thanks for sharing.

Annabelle ~^..^~ xo


I love mine - it's on the shelf in the knitting room. I will post it on my blog when January turns into February.


What a brilliant idea and I think they have turned out brilliantly.


Very creative, Clarice!


Those are beautiful! What a great idea!

Susan P.

That is such a clever idea and so befitting someone who is a "whiz" in the kitchen! I think they are just lovely and they look just like roses to me:)


Love Em!
Jill 00

Mrs. Staggs

What an interesting and clever idea Clarice. They really do look like roses!


It was a lot of fun making cards with the girls. They are so creative, just like you. Love, Mom


They look very sweet :)


Mine is sitting beside my computer and looks lovely. I never would have guessed your method.

Many thanks to you and the girls.


Oh my goodness, that is how you made them??? I love mine, I have it resting on my linen ladder.


These are really nice! I like them. And I think the kids and I can do these with ease! :) Thanks so much for all the beauty you share on your blog.

Oh, and thanks for the little "soap box" pep-talk you gave me the other day! It meant alot to me!

You inspire me. You make me feel happy when I read all you do for and with your family!

Have a wonderful, wonderful day!


love them, what a wonderful idea.
all love Denise x

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