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I am playing with the look of the blog, so things might be changing for a while : -)

Well this is the dead zone of my home. Do you have one of those were nobody seems to use it. Nothing seems to fit. That is how it is at this end of the living room (which use to be the front porch and is now the back of the house). So over the years living here I keep playing with ideas for the space. This is my latest and seems to maybe be the fit.


We have been busy crafting and sewing gifts. I tried to keep the furniture light and open with lots of flat space to work. Having the sewing machine set up helps a lot. I moved the green cabinet from the library to here and temporally set the bar next to it. It is hold books, stereo and craft supplies. I even brought the ironing board from the basement.


Jody had asked about how I store my craft supplies around my livingroom. I do have a room over the garage to store stuff I do not use often. But I have found keeping things boxed in groups help me and make easy to find. I like to stack boxes and keep things together. For example one box for random bits of ribbon and buttons, a box for all my paint bottles, one drawer for paper, a basket for yarn and suitcase for all my wool and wool felt. Cigar boxes for embroidery thread, sewing kit, scissors.

Picture_516 Picture_517 

I know not all of you have an extra bedroom or whole end of a room. But I encourage you to think about an area of your home you could set up a small table and a stack of boxes for a creative corner. This does not have to be forever or hold all your crafting item. Just think about what you would like to work on over the next few winter months and gear your space to that.




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Carrie J

I so had that same little stove when I was a girl. I was thinking about it last week and wondering what ever happened to it. Great pictures.


Oh, Clarice. I'd take your "dead spot" and make it my own in a split second. Those windows would be enough to draw me to the area again and again and again. Btw, I adore that little pink stove! Where on earth did you pick that up? Precious!


Oh what a great blog, I love your intro we have so much in common. That dolls stove is to die for where did you find it?


This was a fun corner to explore. Thank you for showing me all your tricks and tips for storing your supplies creatively. It gives me ideas. I like your crafting corner -- the natural light, the trees and lots of space for creating is just perfect.



What a perfect crafting sewing corner! It looks so cozy! I love how you have everything set up!



What a great area for your sewing. I would love to have that big table for cutting patterns, fabric, etc, and the light, so nice.
I agree too, it's nice to switch those craft area's around.


Ah! A kindred spirit!

I stash crafting supplies the very same way. People are shocked to see how much stuff I have slyly hidden in plain sight.

Your creativity corner is lovely.


Oh! Love that many-windowed, trees-outside space! Everything looks so cute and inviting...thanks for sharing (and thanks for checking-up on me, too!). :) Blessings, Debra

Lindsey @ enjoythejourney

How lovely! Somehow it looks just like I'd picture your home! ;)


oh!!!! that pink dols stove
I love it


What a beautiful space for crafting! I love all the windows and light and your great ideas for storing stuff.


Super storage ideas.


I just love learning from you : ) I am so glad we didn't know each other in high school. I would have pegged you as someone who could never be important in my life and had nothing to offer. And I would have been outrageously wrong : )


Ooh it looks so cozy! I think you might want to spend hours upon hours there sewing and crafting:-)


I just discovered you. What a delightful little blog. I know how I'll be spending my free time in the days to come -- perusing your archives.


Wow Clarice, the views fromyour homeare just gorgeous! Like the forest is 'holding' you : )

Blessed Week : ) Wendy

Mrs. Staggs

You've shared some great ideas Clarice.
I've recently bought a set of paper mache' boxes that I want to cover with old linens to use for storage in my craft room. I share my space with the guest room and need all the "pretty" storage I can get! It's so worthwhile to make a special spot where you can leave the sewing machine and ironing board up I think. I find I'm much more likely to be creative since I've done that.

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