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I am going to do something a little different with winter corners. Instead of showing decorations with snowman and winter scenes (although I will do a little of that) I thought of something completely different. I do not know about your winter but here in the northwest is cold, rainy, grey, rainy, rainy. It is a down time. A time for sitting around the woodstove and drinking tea. A slow time, which I enjoy. But as I expressed at Christmas time there is too much fun, too much giving crammed into three weeks. One can not do it all. And sadly to say I was not able to bless all my girlfriends like I would have like to. So I have decided to claim January and February as my girlfriend blessing months. So I will be sharing ways to bless those around us who listen, who understand why the dishes left on the counter will throw us over the edge, the one who will cry with you when your dear children use half the jar of hazelnut butter especially bought for you from Italy for their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (yes this happened to me ladies), and the one who gets how you could love your dear hubby one moment and the next moment need to be reminded why you married him.

So here is a little teaser. Thank you cards I made to send to dear friends. I was inspired by Charlotte Lynos cards.  Did you know Charlotte Lynons has a new blog ??? It is fabulous !!!! These were so fun to make. I hope Charlotte does not mind me copying her. Thank you for the inspiration Charlotte

So I enourge you to make a list of anyone in your life who you feel has supported you and you would like to bless them !!!


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What a great idea, Clarice. I also saw the cards over at Charlotte's site~so clever. I love the gorgeous papers you used; they look great!


The cards are super, what a lovely thought.

Terri Pollhein

What a terrific idea! And the cards are beautiful too.

Susan P.

What a wonderful and creative idea, Clarice. I love the cards, they are just adorable.


Clarice, what a lovely, lovely idea! You are so thoughtful! I think your cards are beautful, too!


Clarice, your purse cards are absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful idea of making these next 2 months girlfriend blessing months! You are a thoughtful friend.


Terrific cards Clarice. I also looked at Charlotte's site. I think I can figure out the purse but where did you get those silhouettes?


Creative and Adorable, Clarice!
I just came back from mailing some thank you cards yet from this past holiday season...never to late to say:
Thank you!

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