Valentine Exchange 2


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Vanessa HandBeard


Saw your post on glass glitter, and thought I should share with you that I have a site that has the largest amound of colors and sizes of glass glitter in the world! Ultrafine to Large, and 29 colors... Deco beads as well. It is located at

Hope you find something you can play with there; if you find a few things that intrigue you let me know and you can get free samples!

Happy sparkling,

Vanessa HandBeard

Leigh Ann

I love Valentine's. What fun! Cheers! LA


I'll switch Valentine's with you! I'd love love love to claim you as your Valentine! Please send me your addy!


Sounds fun, Clarice! I sent you an email!


Costco has the greatest stuff. We are finally getting one near me, opening this spring. Can't wait!


Vintage valentines? New valentines? Handmade valentines? More info please!

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