My Potato Chip Trick
Thank You Ladies

This & that and see you next week




Well I am off for the weekend to play in the snow but I will be back next week.

I do have a couple of questions and am hoping you will leave honest (not polite) answer.

1. Do you like the storybook woods gazette banner ? Does it add to the post or it is just clutter?

2. Is the pictures too bright, not bright enough or just right?

3. Are my recipe to complicated or hard to understand ??

Thank you !!!!!

Also see the lovely tea pot and tea cup my MIL gave me. I just love the violets.

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend ladies xoxoxox



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Hi Clarice...
What a delightful picture...
The Gazette banner is a little fuzzy to me, but it could just be my monitor...I like the idea though, and agree with those that suggested putting it at the top of the page for your banner. BTW I love love love the name of your blog!!
And the atmosphere here goes so well with it.


Hi Clarice...
What a delightful picture...
The Gazette banner is a little fuzzy to me, but it could just be my monitor...I like the idea though, and agree with those that suggested putting it at the top of the page for your banner. BTW I love love love the name of your blog!!
And the atmosphere here goes so well with it.


all's well and good. enjoy the weekend and don't worry your blog is a treat.

Mrs. Staggs

Hi Clarice, I think everything about your blog is nice. It's ok to try this 'n that with look and content...just have fun!


Clarice, your blog is amazing! I dont know how you find the time! I love the banner, the colours are great, and the recipes are yummy, I often print them off and stick them in my baking journal, so thank you my friend..for everything!


Hi Clarice ~ Firstly I would like to wish you belated birthday wishes! May you have a wonderfully special personal year ahead, and I'm so sorry I missed it.
In regards to your questions, I love your's so delightful with always heaps to see and read about.
Thanks for sharing parts of your world with us. xoxo


I just wanted to comment and say I was given that same teapot and teacup set, with the scripture verse on them, by a sweet friend as a shower gift when our 4th child was born. It really blessed me.

I have enjoyed my peeks into your blog. As a person tends to prefer little change I liked your blog before...wasn't it a warm mustard-ey color? The banner is a bit blurry on my computer as well. Creative though. I say, it's your blog, your creative outlet, enjoy it!

Leigh Ann

I think I would like the banner bigger and at the top of the blog rather than at each post. Love the pictures. Love the recipes. Love you! LA


Hi Clarice!
I always love visiting you. I've never thought your pictures were too bright.

I really like how you separate each post with the cute isn't blurry to me.

I LOVE your recipes...I feel the same way as Copper's wife. They make me want to try new flavors and be more brave in the kitchen!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Your new teapot is lovely!



I like the banner. It's not blurry for me. I don't mind it at each post but I do agree that it would be magnificent if bigger and at the top of the page.

YOur pictures are always lovely. As are your recipes. Thank you for the glimpse into your home and life!


Since you want us to be honest...I'm not real crazy about the banner. As
Jennifer said, it's blurry. I only realized that was a music stand after she said so.

Also, I think it would have more impact if instead of having it at the top of each post, you could put a big banner across the entire blog. (Not that I'm one to talk, I'm only just starting my blog and it's pretty bare!)

As for the photos and recipes, I think they are great!

I've been visiting you for a while now...I cringe to think that my first post isn't all positive, but I do love visiting you!


I think you have a very pretty blog, and it has one of the neatest titles I have come across!! Your recipes are yummy and I don't have any problems with your pictures being too bright.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend playing in the snow, oh and I love the teapot, I have been on a bit of a violet kick lately, so I just love this.

Denise Ridgway

love it, love it , love it


I like your blog Clarice. It's always a pleasure to visit. I think your photos and art work come out very clear. The recipes are always interesting and stretch my cooking style. It's fun to try something different now and then.

The banner at the top looks hand-drawn and and gives an old-timey feel.

Thanks for all you do Clarice!



Clarice, I think everything about your blog is lovely. I always look forward to, and enjoy my visit, an your recipes are especially yummy (I've no problem understanding them).
I love that teapot & cup!

Copper's Wife

I love the look of your blog!!

I ditto what Kristin says about the recipes. I am not a gourmet cook, but rather more of a country cook. Your recipes make me think about trying new things and strething my repertoire a bit.


I too LOVE the banner, had just thought how nice it was before I read the questions, it is all really perfect , wishing you lots of snow angel fun :)


The banner is a little blurry in my view. It took me awhile to figure out that it was a music stand thingy to the left. Everything else on the page is very clear though.
Pictures and recipes are perfect, don't change them a bit!


1. I *love* the gazette banner--but that's probably because I'm partial to that particular font : )

2. hmmmm, I've never considered anything about your photos other than the content--which I love. Now that I think about it, are you talking about the photos you take or the illustrations you decorate your blog with?

3. Don't change a thing about your recipes! It's the way you really live (which I suspect your readers want) and it makes those of us who aren't natural cooks stretch a little!

love you!

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