Happy New Year

Things I Love


Thank you ladies for all the understanding words and encouragement. It is nice to know you understand how I feel !! What a wonderful start to the new year. Speaking of the new year I though a "things I love" post would be a good way to start off the new year.

But first I feel soooo bad. How could I missed thanking both my good friends Kristin and Tracy for their Christmas gifts. I am soo sorry. Kristin gave me that gorgeous vintage pink ornament. I love it soo much I will keep it out all year.


Tracy thank you for this star. It makes me think of you and what a kind friend you have been to me over the years xoxoxo

I still have this nagging feeling I am misssing someone. If I am, I am sorry !!


When I saw this phone at Claire's Vintage Home and have serious envy (which equals love). Now I am thinking can I paint my phone ?????


Purl Bee napkin tutorial, I have been wanting to make my own napkins. I love the idea of making my own binding (which I did not know I could do?) Check it out.

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a wonderful story on-line you can listen to. It is sad and I do not usually like sad, but I found the story draw me in. There are several other stories to listen to.

The Yellow Wallpaper

In this classic late-nineteenth-century story by Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman, a new mother suffering from what we might today call 'post-partum depression,' is diagnosed with a nervous disorder. Instructed to abandon her intellectual life and avoid stimulating company, she sinks into a still-deeper depression invisible to her husband, who believes he knows what is best for her. Alone in the yellow-wallpapered nursery of a rented house, she descends into madness.


Salami Gorgonzola Biscuts    Well what can I say. Add a simple green salad, a good red wine and bit of chocolate to top it all off. Heaven !!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm so jealous of your bookcase! Is it wrong to lust after furniture? Surely not if it involves books, right?

This was an absolutely lovely post - so many goodies to drool over!


That phone is to die for isn't it? Happy New Year!

Copper's Wife

Oh, Clarice, that phone!!!! I'm in serious phone envy, too! I showed your post (and then we clicked the link) to my daughter, Dani. As you might remember, she has painted some lovely flowers and such around my home. It's almost time for new cell phones in our household and I'm thinkin' of having her paint the old one to see how it turns out/holds up. Wow!!! I absolutely LOVE the idea!

Thanks, too, for the link to the napkin tutorial. I knew about the old-fashioned, labor intensive way of making bias tape; but having a nifty tool to make the job easier is new to me. My favorite apron pattern requires about 9 yards of bias tape. If I can make my own, my design possibilities would really be increased!!

You have started my New Year off right, my friend. All sorts of creative inspiration! thank you, thank you, thank you!

Terri Pollhein

Do you really think you could paint a phone like that and it would look nice for a long time?

What kind of paint would you think? That phone is lovely.

God bless!


Oh my gosh! I LOVE THAT PHONE!! It is soo cute. [I want to paint my phone to.] =]


Wishing you a year of blessings, joy, and peace Clarice!


Happy New Year! I think painting your phone is totally do-able, BTW.

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