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Well I just randomly picked some books from my book case to share. The first book "On The Sunny Side" by Carl Larsson is a new book I just got and love it. I have most of his books but had not seen this one before. I really love it because I felt it gave the biggest insight into Carl Larsson and his life. Of course it is quiet beautiful.

   "This is the last in the series of books put out by Carl Larsson (1853-1919) about his family and his home. The children are not all that has grown since the appearance of the first book in the series. Some of them are no longer part of the household and the home itself has been steadily altered. And a new household in Falun has been added to accommodate schooling for the children in that larger town.

Ahh the Opheia books by Michele Durkon Clise. I have all of them and cherish them. I feel like Opheia is my other half. She lives well, gives well and thinks a tea party, chocolate and vintage lace is the answer to world peace !!

  "Opheia B. Clise is a lovable bear who runs a shop called the Bazaar des Bears on Paris's rue de Bac. This book is a lavishly illustrated journal she keeps for one adventure-filled year. Ophelia adores chocolate, antiques, lace, flowers and champagne. Most of all she adores her friends, a group of bears every bit as eccentric and appealing as Ophelia herself."

Aunt Martha's Corner Cupoard by Mary and Elizabeth Kirby. Is stories about Tea, Coffie, sugar, rice, ect. A charming way to learn history. My copy does not have a publishing date but it is old.

"Fathers Big Improvments" by Caroline Emerson. Father falls for every new item on the market. Mother can't stand it, the kids think it's hilarious. We enjoyed reading the funny happenings in the Mitchell family. 

The Magic Of Provenceby Yvone Lenard

This is an enchanting book, with tales of the duchess on the hilltop, the prince who came to call, the housekeeper who didn't clean, and the hollyhocks that bloom throughout the village. Each chapter concludes with a delectable recipe so the reader can share part of the experience of life in Provence.


Pruneaux au Rhum (Prunes in Rum: a variation on the Confiture de Vieux Garçon)

This version of the Confiture uses dried prunes, so you can make it any time of the year. The method is different here, because dried fruit must first be plumped in hot liquid, otherwise they'll harden and shrivel in alcohol.

Use large, pitted prunes. Place them in a bowl. Pour enough strong, hot, well-sweetened tea to cover. Let stand, covered, overnight, unrefrigerated.

By next day, most of the tea will have been absorbed. Pour out any leftover liquid. Place prunes in jar and pour enough dark rum to cover. Close with lid.

Your pruneaux will be ready to eat in three days. They will keep for months in a cool, dark place.

You can serve the pruneaux in brandy snifters, with coffee. You can also serve them with ice cream or in pastries.

Note: In the southwest of France, Armagnac is used, and Pruneaux a l'Armagnac are a specialty of the city of Agen.


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Isn't Carl Larrson amazing Clarice? I lived in Sweden for a while years ago and one of the highlights was visiting his home up in Dalarna. It is just as charming as he painted it. Enjoy your book!


Loved all of your wonderful books you shared!
Such lovely sentiments, covers and stories!
Thank you for the peek, Clarice!
You have such a fine collection of older books!


Clarice, what lovely books. The one about 'coffe, tea, rice, and such' sounds especially interesting to me. And don't you just love those bookcovers? Thanks for the inspiration;I need to find my old books and set them out where I can browse through them more often.


A Carl Larsson fan here! I love all his books. I don't own any, but I borrow them from the library now and then.


Terri Pollhein

I have a nice book around here somewhere on Karl Larson and his wife, their art, their home etc. etc. I'll have to find it and see if you've read it as well!
God bless.


I have only seen the Carl Larsson books in the library and written in german. I didn't realise they were available in English. Thanks.


I always love reading about interesting books. Thanks for sharing your lovelies!


The books are enchanting!
Thanks for sharing..

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