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Okay I am going to brag (a little), I have never recovered anything before and I am sooo happy with this chair. I painted the wood trim silver, then I remembered I had this wonderful old floral chintz. I bought the jacuard and striped fabric. The strawberry rick-rack gives it the fun punch. I glued and stapled the fabric over the existing fabric. The really hard part was sewing the cushion. I ended up pining it all together. This was a definite learnig curve and I admire anyone who does this for a living. Thank you for letting me share!





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Oh Clarice, what a cute chair! I would have never thought of the silver paint, but it looks great! You have inspired me to get to a chaise lounge that I have waiting in my room. I've had fabric draped over it for weeks now, but now I think I have the inspiration I need to get on with it! You are so talented. Can I come see it in person?


This is wonderful! Wow!!!

bluestocking86 aka Jeanine

Hi! Your mom has been telling me all about this chair. I love what you did with it and I really like the chance to "see" it. Thank you for posting it so all of us can look. You have given me the courage to try mine!



Oh my gosh! Clarice, I LOVE it!! It's just beautiful, you did an amazing job!


this chair is absolutely beautiful!!!! thank for sharing with us this wonderful pic....this is candy for my eyes.


I've attempted to do something small so I know what goes into it and I give you great created because I don't think I could even attempt something so grand. Beautiful.


The chair is amazing, I love the patterns and the use of silver ~ very pretty!!






You have bragging rights!
You did a great job on that chair!


Impressive - making a strong or vivid impression...
Yes, Clarice, you have made a strong impression on us with your skills and your courage to try something you have never done before!
I call it courage and persistence!
I am so proud of your accomplishment!
Well-done and such a pretty chair~fit for a Queen!


Clarice, you did an excellant job! It looks fabulous!


Thats a beautiful chair! It always amazes me how talented you ladies are.
I can't sew a button without throwing myself into fits! LOL
Keep up the great work-I do love the fact that you show us, its absolutely inspirational. Thank you.


Oh, it's so pretty ... fit for a princess! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see your next project! :) Blessings, Debra


Looks beautiful, Clarice! I love chairs done in a patchwork of beautiful fabrics like that.


Great job, Clarice! arhg, I am kicking myself right now for passing up just the cutest wingback chair at the thrift store because I was too intimidated to create a new covering for it. Next time-- the chair is mine! Thanks for the inspirtion.


It's absolutely beautiful! And you are brave! I have a chair that needs recovered and I just can't bring myself to try. Maybe I will now. :)

Copper's Wife

The chair turned out great!!! I love the mixture of fabrics you used - elegant, beautiful with just a lovely touch of whimsy. Perfect!

Mrs. Staggs

Wow, what a wonderful job you did! I love the way you pieced together different fabrics.
I appreciate how you are always learning new things. You will always have an interesting life!

Leigh Ann

Wow! You did a beautiful job. The colors/fabrics look great together. You will enjoy sitting in it all the more because of your hard work. Cheers! LA


Ya know I love ya Clarice and I think you did a marvelous, stupendous and completely wonderful job on this. May I sit in it and have cuppa java? {hugs}

April 1930s

Very nice... love your fabric choices, but most of all... the touch of rick rack! :)

teresa mcfayden

oh my gosh....what a great job you did. it is fabulous. truly!!!!!!!!

Terri Pollhein

What a wonderful job you did on that chair! Now, come do mine, please! It didn't turn out half so nicely as yours did!



Wow! What a chair to choose for a first time project! Great job and the colors - gorgeous.


The chair looks great! We have done a few, and it is NEVER as easy as it looks on tv!


Absolutely beautiful!


Looks wonderful, so comfy and vintage chic !


I'm impressed! Great pattern and color combo. I might get as far as that but when it came to sewing the cushion I'd have to call for help.

You deserve the day off, or at least a good cup of tea, LOL!


It is beautiful and has so much character, too! You did a fantastic job of choosing your fabrics and covering the chair.. I just love it. Thanks for sharing the pics--I've been eagerly waiting to see!! Abby

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