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Darling pictures and poem. I love snow!


That top image is just delightful! How I wish we had real snow here. We have to settle for store-bought glitter when the urge strikes...


OK Clarice...I peeked in this morning and couldn't see the painting and the it is crystal it my eyes? And... Is this an Elsa Beskow book you are sharing? I simply must know, as the painting is just so sweet and the poem so adorable! And just one more thing....
Our ground is covered with such pretty, sparkling white snow. With our outdoor lights, it is looking so magical (too bad we didn't have this at Christmas!)
Enjoy this cosy weather!
Time for tea...

Mary T.

I love the picture! We actually had nice fluffy snow this morning as well. Tomorrow though they are saying below zero, brrrrr...


Did you get lots? We only have a dusting...I'm so disappointed. It sure is cold though. I hope you're cozy by the wood stove!


What a sweet picture and poem! I really wish we would get a bit of snow where I live but snow in Tucson is not something one should plan to see--although it did snow here on Easter about 9 years ago. That was totally amazing and ever so much fun.


Where is this lovely poem and picture from Clarice? My dear children are so excited that we finally have a couple of inches of snow today. Usually we would have had up to 3 months of deep snow by now. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... New Years Blessings, Gill.

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