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Wow what a wonderful weekend I have had. I LOVE T J Max. I got this amazing tea-pot with these perfect roses for $9.00 and creamer $5.00. As Alison would say it make my heart ache to just look at them and look how well they go with these paper clay roses I made a few years back xoxox


I got a pink phone, a PINK phone (for free). Now I have to paint and glitter it !!!


Lastly dear hubby sucked it up and agreed to washing with rose scented hand soap. What a guy. As you can see it is rosy around here (wait till you see my chair, it turned out amazing)




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The teapot and creamer look great with that paper. (TJMaxx is a favorite place of mine also!)
Love the phone too!


Job Description:
Personal Shopper required for busy Mom. She must lean toward shabby chic, love the colour pink, find exquisite items for super prices.
She must also have exceptional taste in all things!
The final Requirement:
She must be willing to fly to southern Ontario on a whim!
Care to apply?
You, my friend, have great taste! Thank you for sharing your lovely finds with us!

Sharon k

I love your wonderful finds and the rose on them make them special. Nothing better then a good shoping day.

Copper's Wife

The tea pot and creamer are sooooo pretty! I love the white on white design. Roses are my favorite flower! The pink phone is just too much fun!! Please, please, please share photos after you've embellished it.

Susan P.

I just love your white teapot and creamer! I didn't know Mrs. Meyer's made a rose scented soap, I will have to check it out! You know me, I always use the Lavender! LOL


I didnt know that Meyers had a rose scented hand soap. Maybe after my current stuff runs out...Target has a really great rose bath line right now. I am going through tons of it in my daily bath!


The teapot and creamer is so pretty, I love white teapots too. I would love to have a pink phone, but we are getting rid of our cell phones, spending way too much on our phone bill!



I can't believe how the flowers you made match the teapot and creamer.
I really like Mrs. Meyers products. Their Lemon Verbena is a nice fragrance too.
The phone, too cute!
Have a great day!


The banner looks great. I had to enlarge it to read it on my web tv. Love the teapot. Love, Mom


OK, I HAVE to know about the background in your first photo (the black pattern). Details, please!! I love it!

Love the rose soap, too.


Oh that is quite the find on the teapot and creamer set.

I got the exact same phone about 2 weeks ago for free too. I don't think my DH would mind rose soap as long as it was not to strong.


OOOooooooooooh and aweeeeeee --- what a lovely white teapot and creamer! I totally love white teapots and your is exqusite!!!

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