Winter Corners 4
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My Potato Chip Trick




I was reading Food and Wine about Spain's chef Ferran Adrià. An intersting chef. Well he mention he makes a Tortilla (an omelet) with potato chips instead potatoes. Well I was intrigued and I have to say it was quite yummy. Now I am looking at chips in a whole new light. When ever I have left-over chips (which is rare :) and they are starting to go stale I crumble them over soups, roasted veggies, chile, ect.  They make a yummy topping. Ofcourse the better the chips, the better your dish will turn out. My favorite chip (besides the sweet poatoe ones) is Terra Red Bliss potato chips with olive oil, roasted garlic and parmesan. Also as I am writing this post I see Terra's site has recipes. So maybe you will so even more fun ideas on how to use your chips !!!



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Gotta try this one! I love all the cooking tips you have. I'm a better cook want-to-be..LOL


It all sounds really interesting...I'm willing to give it a try! I'm not a big chip person, but when I do have some, I like them spicy.
Hope you have a relaxed and happy day today!


I have a cousin who is an excellent cook and she puts popcorn on her cheese soup!


You have great taste (as always) in chips! We've been enjoying the Spicy Sweet Potato chips this week! Oh, yum!!!

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