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I was wanting to make some chowder this week (it is soo cold) but of course I have to do things different. I was thinking how I could jazz up this dish and am very happy with the results. Although pancetta and roasted garlic always makes life happier (just like glitter, which I am covered in from making 35 Valentines cards }:-o.

I digress, I wanted to say that you could use any cheese but just pick up something that is fairly flavorful. You want it to hold up to all that garlic and pancetta. I would sever this with bread and I think this Romaine Salad with Oranges and Walnuts would be yummy.

For the perfect end Espresso Jello. Now that should keep you warm on these cold night !!!

Italian Potato Chowder

1 garlic roasted, cloves

1 inch slice Pancetta, cubed in small cubes

1 onion finely chopped

1 carrot finely chopped

½ cup dry white wine

1 bay leaf

¼ cup chopped Italian parsley, save ½ for the end of cooking

2 cups broth

3 large potatoes, cleaned and cubed

1 cup grated smoked provolone cheese

Milk or heavy cream

OO (olive oil)

Sauté’s pancetta on high in a splosh of OO, till it has rendered fat and crisped. Pull out pancetta and set aside. Turn down stove to medium heat and sauté onions and carrots in pancetta fat for a few minutes, till is starts to soften.

Turn heat back up to high and when everything starts to brown deglaze pan with wine. Turn back down to med-low and add broth. Add bay leaf, ½ the chopped parsley, potatoes. And enough water to cover potatoes. Simmer half hour or till potatoes are very tender. Now add milk or cream. Amount depends on a couple of things. First how much liquid there is and how brothy you want your chowder. If you want your chowder really thick take 4 TBL of flour put in jar with lid and add ½ cup of cold water and shake really good. Then pour through a strainer (to catch lumps) and simmer a minute or two. Then add grated cheese, parsley, pancetta and squeeze garlic from cloves into soup. Stir and serve !!!

picture by Maxfield Parish (thank you Jody xoxo)



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Mmmm...this variation on the soup sounds delightful! I'll have to put it in my file to try.


Thanks for the Potato Soup recipe. It sounds so yummy. I have a chair that I picked up at a garage sale this past summer and I have not done a thing with it. Now that I saw your post on recovering a chair I have been inspired.
P.S. Love your blog!!!!
Garden Girl


I absolutely love potato soup on cold days. And I immediately recognized the Maxfield Parrish art at the top. This is a beauty.



Looks delicious!

By the way---You've been Tagged! See my blog.


Another great recipe.


Hi Clarice,
I just got home from the was wonderful! I kept thinking how much you are going to love it!
This menu looks truly wonderful.
Espresso jello sounds a very good way!
The Maxfield Parish is really pretty.

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