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Hello Ladies, I have gotten several questions about the Valentine exchange. It is nothing fancy. Just simply my family sending you a homemade (hopefully, if not store-bought) valentine and you sending us one. You do not have to be creative, you do not have to send any gifts, you do not have to send a vintage Valentine. It is just fun to receive mail from around the world. Hopefully this will take stress off of anyone who feels like they have to make some creative amazing earth-shattering valentine. This is meant to be fun, no stress. Just a heart with hello written on it, would be lovely xoxox


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I'd like to be included in a Valentine exchange. It's always been a tradition in our house to cut and paste red thing and lace. How fun.


Hello. i wanted to introduce myself. i was directed to your blog by your mom, GrannyFox. i just love your posts and pictures. We seem to enjoy much of the same things. i have a homeschooling daughter of 4 living in Port Gamble and we are planning a visit next month. Small world, isn't it!

Kelli fun! I love Valentine's Day! Clarice, you are already on my list, of course and I will be happy to send your girls one too! :0)



I love Valentine's Day!
I have your address, not sure if you have mine or not??
If you don't let me know and I'll send it to you.

I once knew a girl named Clarice.
Her loving spirit was filled with love and peace.

A Valentine, she thought she would send. Little did she know she would start a trend.


Count me in! I'll send mailinginfo privately and ask that you send me the same.

I've *seen* you over in Merryville a number of times. I decided this is the year I need to get better acquainted with some of the blogging community and how better to start than with a Valentine?


Susan P.

C;arice, you are ALREADY on my Valentine list:) I think this is a wonderful idea for everyone to join in on.

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