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I got a new bookcase for the library. Sighhhh I could not get a great picture. But I am soo happy with it. It goes beautifully with my other bookcases and hold so many books. I put the old green cabinet in the living room. In my new winter corner (hint, hint)

I have have this wonderful but very shabby wing back chair for a while. I finally decied it is looking shabby, not shabby chic. Thanks to Abby (who thanks to Brocante Abby was inspired) I found out about Squint and was very inspired. Well so far I have painted all the wood trim silver. I wanted to show you the before so you will appreciate the after. I am planning on getting some cream velvet and tea dying it for the arms and then we will see. I decided to cover it section by section.



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That bookcase is gorgeous. Wow!


Oh, hurry Clarice. I can't wait to see this chair done. :-)


Clarice, I LOVE your new bookshelf, its beautiful!!! Your chair looks so comfy and I can't wait to see it all finished!


Great bookcase!
Looking forward to see your chair in progress.



I can't wait to see this chair finished!
I love your new bookshelves. I hope one day to have a room over to create an English library.


I like the wood and detail of your new bookcase. Can't wait to see that beautiful wingback chair when you are finished!


Great bookcase! Now if only I could zoom in and see all those wonderful books/titles!
Have fun with redoing your chair Clarice!

Terri Pollhein

Well, I would sure love to see how it turns out! I have recovered an old wing chair myself, but was never so bold as to mix it up like that! Go for it!
God bless!


How I would love to look through all those books in that bookcase of yours. I'm sure I would find many interesting things to set my eyes upon. :)

April 1930s

Love that bookcase! Is it new, new? or old, new? (vintage) LOVE IT!

Susan P.

That is a great bookcase to fill up all those wonderful books you have! Can't wait to see the finished chair AND your winter corner:)


I always loved patchwork quilts but never thought of furniture. Talk about creating comfort and coziness. I love to see the chair once it’s finished. I too was thinking of turning my two chairs from a wood finish to gold glided. I'll have to wait for now my husband is using them up in Chalk.
Love the library. Just what I need for all of my books.
Annabelle ~^..^~ xo



Can't wait to see the winter corner, and I really like the silver on the chair much better than before.
Great Idea!


Patchwork furniture? Are you kidding me??? I am in LOVE!

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