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Thank-you all so much for your kind words on my birthday, they mean a lot to me. You are all so sweet. I had a perfect, fun, ultra cool birthday. (Plus cool present’s ;)  My mom said I could show you some project’s I have made. I made a scrap fabric bag. The handle is a belt my sister gave me and all I did is sew the pieces of fabric onto a square of heavy denim fabric. Then sewed the two pieces together and turn them inside out. The pillow is from a T-shirt I loved but did not fit me any more, I cut a square 3 inch's bigger than I wanted the pillow to be. Then I cut fringe, tied it together and stuff it. I also knitted chain mail wrist cuff. I just used metallic yarn, cast on 25 stiches and knit 6 inch’s. [I had to knit 7 inches to fit my hand]. Sew the short edges together. Thank-you again for the birthday wish's and sweet words. Auberne’

I also had to show you these Pirates of the Caribbean bookmarks Aubern'e made. What I love about them is the skill beads she made them. I thought it was quite brilliant.



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Leigh Ann

I love, love, love those bookmarks and so would my nephew. He is a huge pirate fan. Maybe he and I need to do this next time he visits. He doesn't like to act crafty but he really is. :)
Cheers! LA

Susan P.

Auberne', I am in love with your fabric bag, it is fantastic!! My daughter would love those bookmarks because she is a big Pirate's fan:) You are a very creative and talented young woman!



I did not know it was your birthday.
Looks like you've been busy making wonderful things.


I'm glad mom let you make a post. Everything look great. Love you. Grandma


Like Mother, Like Daughter!
Thank you for sharing, Auberne! You are so creative!
And you deserve the greetings; glad you were blessed. Sweet 16 is not just any birthday~it is a special one!
Love from,
Joanne in Ontario, your library mate! (sort of:)


Nicely done!

Mrs. Staggs

Wow Auberne', you are so creative! I especially like your scrap fabric bag and the bookmarks. I recently saw the 2nd Pirate's movie and enjoyed it...but not as much as the first one.
That's a great idea for using old t-shirts with logos on them.

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