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6 Weird Things About Me




Well I have been tagged by Kim at Vinatge Pretty to post 6 weird things about me. There are so many I am not sure I can narrow them down to six.

Here are the rules:

Each player of this game starts with "6 weird things about you". Each person who gets tagged needs to write a blog post of their own 6 weird things as well as clearly state this rule. After you state your 6 weird things, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you're tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog for information as to what it means.

1. When I was girl I could put my whole fist in my mouth. I would also stand several blocks from my house and scream to see how far I could get and my sister could still hear me. I have a loud voice. I have also several times been out in public and had friends come up to me and say I knew you were here, I could hear your laugh.

2. Angie thinks this is weird (I do not :) I will put up with any inconvenience for pretty. For example the first home I lived in with dear hubby was basically a one room cabin. It had a large walk-in closet that had a window. Our bed just fit in it with room to walk in front of the bed. So hubby built me a closet on the front porch were I would go out every morning in my robe for all the neighbors to see to get my clothes. When we were looking for a house all I cared about was having something charming. I am not very practical.

3. I like food almost burnt. Like my toast (which I would rather cooked in browned butter, soo I can get it really crispy and buttery) Or say things like ribs or chicken. I have David barbeque it soo the outside is really crispy and black. I eat all the outside and then give David the rest of it (a match made in heaven). I also eat all the crispy stuff stuck to the pan

4. I have hot feet. I will sleep with a bunch of blankets on me and heating pad but my feet will be sticking out.

5. David and I sleep with our heads at the opposite ends of the bed. He snores and I can hear the grass grown. So I started sleeping at the other end of the bed. I have only kicked him a few times !!

6. I am a morning person. If I have to go anywere in the afternoon or evening I can not focus. I can do nothing around the house. All I can think about is being ready to leave. If I tell you I will meet you at 12, I will be there at 11.59 and 40 seconds. It was drilled in to me to be on-time and do what you promised. But I am trying to relaxe about this.

7. An extra-when I am alone in the car (which is very rare) I turn the stereo up all the way and sing at the top of my lungs (which as you saw above is very loud) and I can shake my bon-bon and drive at the same time. So if you hear a car pull up next to you with the base booming anyway it is probably me !!

I know I am suppose to tag others, but I am soo empathic that if I make someone feel like they have to post six weird things about themselves and do not want to. Well the guilt will just eat me alive !!!



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Jennifer Paganellli

oh I love pretty too! I'll sacrifice anything for pretty Clarice...I love how you guys sleep...that would make a great talk show!! Lotsa love, Jennifer


What a fun post to read, Clarice! This cracked me up. I knew some of the things, but others were a hoot to read.

Your post started Caroline and I chatting about what we found weird about each other. A bit scary to do with your teen, but fun nonetheless!


Hi Clarice! I enjoying reading your meme! I like things pretty much burnt too, especially toast. I call it "extra crispy..hehe. I usually set off my kitchen smoke alarm but I think it's a bit sensitive! LOL


I'll bet that you are bopping to some Motown :)

April 1930s

Opposite ends of the bed!?? I've never heard of that! (Except on the old Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, of course) How do you make that bed? :) Too funny!

Susan P.

Loved this! I'm surprised you like your food almost burnt since you are such a wonderful cook! I am an early bird, too and I think everybody else should be:) That was funny about you and your hubby sleeping on opposite ends of the bed and I can shake my "bon bon" in the car, too!


That picture is brilliant, perfect for a weird post.


As your mom I don't think I should comment on this one. :-p Love, Mom



Love the picture!
I also love the fist story.
That is wierd that you have hot feet.
I wish mine were hot instead of cold..
Clarice all this is cute funny wierd, thanks for sharing...

Sharon k

Well I feel like I know you just a little bit better.........a very good post and fun to read.

Mary T.

Memories....(think of Barbara Streisand singing here) in regards to that humble little Santa Cruz Mountain abode...You may be wierd but I still love you!


So sorry I missed your birthday...belated wishes for happiness to you on this and all days! xoC

Copper's Wife

Oooooo, turning the stereo way up and singing really loud when you're alone....That's MY kind of weird, my friend!

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