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Wow what a couple of days. We had a wind storm that broke all kinds of records. I have to admit I did not sleep that night for fear one of our 100 year old trees would fall but we were lucky none did. We did loss power and I can tell you I would not make a good pioneer. Finally this morning I awoke to the sound of the heater and was praising God. Thank you for those who were concerned about us, but we are okay. Cold but warming up. And maybe I can do some holiday baking this weekend. I am off to take a hot bath (what I missed the most) 


We went to my mothers to decorate gingerbread houses. I tell you ladies you can not tell by these pictures how charming my mothers house is. She had a red and white candy cane theme, perfect for decorating gingerbread houses


It was raining to hard for me to stand back and get a good picture of her front door. She has this simple but sweet candy cane garland around her front door.


I thought her manle was so cute. 



Doesn’t her dinning room look inviting. This was taken before it was covered in icing and candy !!


This area is at the top of the stairs. I love this little nook.


I thought this was clever way to keep the girls out ;- )


Okay my mother will laugh at me but this was my favorite thing my mother did. Who would have thought of blue transfer-wear and hydrangeas as Christmas decorations. But it is just amazing. You are so creative mom xoxoxox



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Clarice and her Mom,
What a wonderful display of Christmas decorating...certainly looks festive!
I love the candy cane idea, the table setting, the garland around the doorway, the cute sign to keep the girls out, and the last photo with the transferware was the cream of the lovely!
Thank you for the Christmas Home Tour ladies!


Oh Clarice both your mom and you have decorated your homes in such a beautiful fashion. I love her display of Blue Willow!
I'm happy to hear that your family is well after all of the dramatic weather. It was really something, wasn't it? Just the noise alone!


I'm very glad you have come through the terrible weather. Oh yes, your Mother's house is sweetly decorated.

And I love your Village! Ooops, that's in another entry! ,-)

Copper's Wife

Okay, I am absolutely LOVING your mom's use of the blue transferware, hydrangeas and blue ornaments. What a gorgeous vignette!!


Beautiful job Mom!
Clarice, nice pictures of Mom's house and all her pretties. Thanks for sharing her clever ideas. Now I understand that the "nut didn't fall far from the Tree."

Susan P.

Clarice, I am so glad you are okay, I was worried. I have been keeping up with your horrible weather and was wondering how you were. So glad everyone is okay. Loved the pics of your Mom's house, it is just charming:)

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