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Well I am having a fun weekend. Dear hubby surprised me and the girls and took us to my favorite restaurant  the Wild Coho. It has been so long since we got dressed up and had an amazing meal. And today I am off to a tea party !! Lots of fun and love.

I realized I did not write much about my theme. Like I said it is a English/Victorian look. I use to be so trendy but I am getting old and out of trend. I confess I do not like the simple modern look. I love the over-the-top Victorian magazine 90s look. Especially at Christmas. I want  my house to look like a jewel. I also like a lots of color in the winter because I use all white in the summer (and am sick of it buy winter) and it is soooo gray in WA. So I really like lots of red at Christmas. This is year I used red/white/black/gold/silver. I pulled out a lot of my silver pieces, spoons, ect to use scattered among the Christmas stuff.
I was thrilled to find this flocked back and white wrapping paper at Target. Last year I lined the back of the cabinet with embossed gold paper. I really like both of them. But I love the pop of the black and white and how it goes with the banner.
I was lucky to be given by my MIL a lot of vintage Christmas stuff. These elves are from when David was a little boy. He remembers them around the house.


I had to show you up close this doll house Christmas tree. It is plastic but has little colored balls and candy canes glued to it. And look at the topper. I wish I could take better pictures but it is a ruby jeweled topper. I am sooo in-love with this tree. I am going to have to get my own doll house.
I decide this year instead of garland running up the banister I would just have something large at the foot of the stairs. I can not tell you how my times I redid this. I worked on it for 3 days and it is still not what I wanted but I finally had to say enough and embrace what I had done. I do love the silver pieces tied in it.
This is a centerpiece I did for the party. I will talk later about the paper flags !! Thank for looking. I still have a loTTT more to share !!!


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jungle dream pagoda

I love all your lovely goodies ,and the bannister decor is superb!


How lovely to be given the decorations by your MIL. My husbands's grandparents were Danish, and he remembers his mom hiding little Nissa men (little Santa/Elf type things) all over the house also.


May I come for tea? YOu hve made it so cosy and homey once again, and have spent time on so many little details to make for a great setting!
Thank you for taking the time to share with us!


Love all your Christmas decorations, especially the vintage ones! Beautiful! It is so fun to see how everyone decorates.


Clarice, I am really enjoying the Christmas tour of your home ~ it's all beautiful. I am in love with that black and white flocked paper and the paper flags. The swag is great with the silver pieces ~ very creative! Thanks for all the pictures.

Mary T.

Beautiful, as always!! Hope you all stay healthy this season!


Very pretty, I love your tree, I like to add tinsel to our tree too...I am very big on a victorian/vintage style Christmas!


I also adore over-the-top Christmas decorations--the minimalist style is not for me. Everything you've done is lovely.


Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!


Clarice, your shelves look awesome!!! So many sweet things tucked inside. I love the black and white paper with all the red highlights! Your banister looks amazing! You are so creative!


So beautiful Clarice..I especially love the bannister swag..the silver pieces are a lovely addition!


Clarice, I have so loved all of your Christmas pictures this past week! Your creative Christmas ideas are so perfect... I wish you could come to my house and decorate for me and give me some new ideas because Christmas-decorating-wise I am stuck. :) Thanks so much for sharing with all of us so we can enjoy your home from many miles away. Blessings, Debra

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