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Livingroom part 2

Livingroom part 1


Well ladies I hear you I will not mess with the cameo !!! Thank you for the input. The party was wonderful. You know when you have girlfriends who you can be you, you could say anything and you laugh so much you can hardly eat. Well thank you CM ladies for being that for me.


Here is my living room. I confess I am bad mom and I decorate the whole room but the tree. I just let the girls put up all the ornaments and then I come by and cover it with tinsel. I change the decor every year but the tree is the same. I always use tinsel. It is like a little black dress, it goes with everything.






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I loved seeing your tree Clarice. Thanks for sharing. I am putting mine on my CelebrateTheSeasons blog closer to Christmas day. It is fun to be able to take a look in each others homes.


Everything looks beautiful, Clarice. You've been very busy!


I'm so glad the party was fun! Your home looks beautiful! I love your tree, it just sparkles and shimmers!


Oh my, what a gorgeous tree. I love its magnificent splendor. The tinsel really must make it sparkle. Love the setting of your room, so Christmassy.

Thanks for sharing.

Annabelle ~^..^~ xo


Oh Clarice, the tree is absolutely perfect! I hate vaccuuming up all the tinsel all the time, but it sure looks nice on your tree. Your home looks so inviting.


Thank you, Clarice, for being that person for us too! I had such a nice time at the party. The house was lovely and the food yummy. To be able to be with good friends in the cozy and beautiful setting was perfect.

Mrs. Staggs

Oh my what a beautiful Christmas tree! I love how it goes all the way to the ceiling. You've done a wonderful job of decorating. Everything looks so nice! I'd like to have a cup of tea, sit down in one of those inviting seats and just take it all in!


Clarice? I just love your blog. I so enjoying my daily visit here.

Your decorations are simply lovely! My mother has the same nativity and it is so special. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Your home is beautiful...



I was noticing the window behind the nativity looks like a painting a very large one. Mom




My grandma has a nativity set quite like that - I've always loved it!


It's so beautiful and inviting in your home.



I think your tree is lovely. I can relate to your story about the tree. I do the same kind of decorating at our house.
The tree is always the same. The cameo, I agree, I think it is beautiful the way it is, but if your not happy with it you should change it.
Maybe after wearing it a few times, you'll get a feel for what you should do.
Now you can relax and enjoy your lovely home.


Home Beautiful!
(wasn't that a magazine a while back?)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your house.

Susan P.

Clarice, your tree is just lovely and I love your nativity! It has been so much fun to go on your Christmas home tour, you have been the perfect hostess! Thank you so much for opening your doors and inviting us into your wonderful home.


Clarice, you tree is so pretty! I have enjoyed seeing your home decorated for the Christmas season!

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