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Figgy Pudding Box Tutorial


Well I had soooo many craft ideas planed but time is getting short and have not gotten to a lot of them. But I did finish these wonderful Figgy Pudding Boxes. I am sooo happy with them. We always have every Christmas, Christmas crackers. But this year I made these boxes and put poppers in them.


I got my boxes at German Plazaand am sooo happy with them. I have made several orders with this company and have been delighted. They have an amazing assortment of vintage dye-cuts, Dresden trim, paper boxes, ect. I highly recommend them and they have the best prices around.

I painted the boxes with two coats of coco brown acrylic paint and cut a small circle from a cereal box for the base. I painted and glittered it. I was hopping it would look like a cookie. Glue the bottom of the box to the base.


I went around and around how to do the "frosting". I ended up drizzling white acrylic paint and it turned out great.


The best way to describe what to do, is to drizzle the paint. Leave the dripping ends alone and spread the inner paint around. Does that make sense ?


While paint is wet, cover with glitter and shake off excess glitter and let dry.


After paint is dried, I glued a holly leaf and berries on top. I could not find holly leaves I like. So I ended up taking silk leaves I loved and trimmed the edges to give them a holly shape. I know there are not white and frosted holly berries, but I so loved the look. So I took liberties.


I cut blessings tags and glued each end to the top of the box.


Fill with poppers and wah-la !!! I think these will look so cute at each place setting.



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I found the boxes here:

But I bet you could also use the clear glass or plastic ornies from the craft stores...I love this idea..


Hi, omg I love these....I checked the site where you said you got the boxes, could you tell me under what Product they were listed under....just couldn't seem to find them...
Thanks a bunch

jenny holiday

oooooohhhh I ADORE these!! Soooo Sweet!! such a fabulous creation!!

Really really love them!!

xoxo Jenny


Clarice, these are adorable! What a lovely idea! I've been busy traveling and now need to get busy with Christmas. It looks to me like you are all ready for the special day.

I'm searching for my mom's steamed pudding recipe. She passed away 2 years ago and it was her traditional Christmas dessert. I'd like to carry the tradition on. . .

Michelle Legler



These are deliciously sweet...!


i'm from italy , i'm reading your blog for the first time and let me say that your puddings idea to decorate the christmas table is fantastic.absolutely love them. thank you for sharing with us. i bookmarked your blog.


Those are adorable! Love them!


Very cute idea for your table!!!!


What a treat! They're wonderful!!


Wow - That is quite an impressive craft. I realized today that I don't have glitter!! What is up with that?!

Glad to read that you came out of the storm ok!


That is just waaaaaaay too cute!
I love it!
Thanks for sharing!


Oh, they are just darling!! You did a wonderful job, Clarice!


How wonderful those turned out! Your lucky guests are sure to love them. Thank you for another great idea, Clarice.


Oh I just love these, now all I need is a UK supplier of the boxes.

Mrs. Staggs

Clarice, this is one of the most fun ideas I've seen this year! They have turned out wonderful. You've done a great job with your tutorial. Thank you for sharing both the idea and how to make them.
Thanks for the link too. It looks like a good one!


Cute as ever!

Leigh Ann

I love them. They will look great on the table.



So, So cute!


They look great. Love, Mom

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