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Here is our menu (unless I change my mind : -) for Christmas dinner. We usually have a causally seafood dinner on Christmas Eve and a formal dinner on Christmas day. But things are a little different this year. So here is our menu. I want to say that this is my goal but life happens. If I can not do all I want to do I will buy some sorbet, make just the mousse and simply roast the meat and sauté some wild mushrooms on the side. I want to be honest here on the blog. I always pick a menu were I can do part of the cooking before hand. I do not want to be a slave in the kitchen all day.

On Monday I will make the mousse and the bread pudding in put in the freezer.

On Wednesday I will make the chocolate sauce and sorbet

On Friday I will make the meringues.

On Christmas Eve Morning (We are having our dinner on Christmas eve) I will prep-veggies and prep meat and wrap with puff pastry. My mother is making the crab Louie. My sister and MIL will be there to help me. So that is my game plan. Since I wing what I cook, here are recipes similar to what I am making.

Crab Louie

Mulled Wine Sorbet

Beef Wellington (although I am not doing the pancake part and can not afford truffles)

Bread Pudding

Zuccine with Cinnamon and garlic

Kale with Pinenuts and Currents

Frozen Raspberry Mousse on Meringues with Chocolate Sauce

Now I am off to plan Christmas morning breakfast !!


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I just love that you are doing a seafood christmas! For years my mum would change the menu on a whim, one year goose, the next trout... we couldn't keep up, but we always enjoyed the ocean-themed meals the best!!!


Everything sounds delicious and your printed menu is just gorgeous!


Look at that lovely fancy, so elegant!
And the best part is that
We've all been invited!
Oh thank you Clarice!
I have always wanted to dine at your home and now you've given us the invitaion.
You are just too sweet!
That was all in my dreams and I shall have to live vicariously through you!
We are having a Chinese Christmas due to the fact that we want to remember our dd who is in China for this Christmas Season.
So our menu will look quite different, complete with chopsticks!




Sounds elegantly scrumptious!!


I'm so glad to see that Beef is on the menu. It sounds lucsious and I think we'll have beef and pork for Christmas Day Dinner.
The frozen raspberry mousse sounds really yummy and such a unique dessert.
YUM! Merry Christmas!



Sounds like the perfect Christmas menu to me, yummy..
I love bread pudding!
I wonder if Figgy pudding was a kick off from bread pudding?
Merry, Merry, Christmas!!!

Daisy Cottage

Sounds absolutely yummy! What a wonderful dinner you are preparing! Lucky guests!


Ooooh---can I come:-) Sounds delicious! I make a French bread pudding for dessert too,yummy!All your decorations look lovely Clarice.


Your menu sounds so good! The sorbet, wild mushrooms, and bread pudding especially appeal to me (although as separate courses! LOL!). I recently went to a Victorian tea where they served the BEST bread pudding I've ever had. It looked like Christmas Fruit Cake, but has the softness of bread. . .oh, so good! Have fun planning your breakfast menu.


Sounds superb. I think I want to be lazy and just have pizza this year, lol.

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