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Another Christmas Tree ???


Yes another Christmas tree (and I still have to show you the one in my kitchen). This is my tree. It is in the library . I had fun adding my red transfer-wear, bits and bobs I had around the room and the feather tree topper. This room is were I spend a lot of time (with my lap-top) and love looking at this tree.



I also forgot to show you our village called Noel Circle. David made me a table top 3 feet by 5 feet. We have so much fun setting this up and leave up through the winter. We like to talk about what life in Noel Circle is like. I will tell you this there is lots of chocolate and nature walks !!


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It all looks stunning Clarice! and I adore that tablecloth!


You can never have too many trees, can you? Love your style!!


Hi Clarice... Just wondering if you are anywhere near where the big storm did all the damage? It sounded like what we went through here in October, with so many losing electricity, and everything. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you and hoping all is well! Blessings, Debra


The tree is beautiful ~ I love the transferware and the plaid. Your village is awesome!


Clarice, you can't have too many Christmas trees!! I love your decorated home. It looks like a storybook! Love you


Lovely Clarice!
Right out of a magazine!



Love the red tree!
Your village is charming too...
The village park looks so real, and I wish I was tiny so I could set on the little park bench and dream of Christmas pasts, as well as Christmas future's.
Are those pheasant feathers on the tree?
Merry, Happy Christmas Clarice...!!


This one is my favorite : ) Partly because I have an obsession with transferware (specifically red!) and partly because who, but amazing Clarice, would ever think to use beautiful china to decorate a Christmas tree?

Copper's Wife

I LOVE the library tree!! The village is gorgeous. What a fun idea to leave it up all winter.


Oh! Another pretty tree in your house... LOVE the transferware! Thanks for sharing, Clarice... I still haven't got my simple grapevine tree up but you are inspiring me. :) Blessings, Debra


Your tree is very pretty. I love RED.

Lindsey @ enjoythejourney

These are just LOVELY Clarice!!!

Susan P.

Clarice, your library tree is just gorgeous! I love the idea of putting the transferware on it! Noel Circle looks like a place I would love to live:)

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