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Chloe has decorated her doll-house for the season. It is hard to see she made little fimo lanterns and pumpkins for each window. She also glue gunned little leaf garlands. This was all her idea and it warms my heart. She is already planning for Christmas !!!


I love Debbie, well because she is Debbie. But also because she did a hot-pad tutorial and I could see all the things I was doing wrong : - )


At Target Method spiced pear cleaning supplies. Ohh my kitchen smells yummy !!!

Mantal of the Month Sighhhh total love !!!



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Beautiful dollhouse Chloe! I had so much fun when my daughter & I decorated hers.
I was just looking at the Method products at Target this week ~ I will have to try some.
Thanks Clarice, you're the best!


Love the Mantle of the Month! Chloe's dollhouse is too cute...pink is my favorite color! :)


Love the dollhouse--so pretty in pink! You reminded me of how my daughter loved dollhouses, too (still does at 26, actually). She had a couple 'real ones' but she also would make whole towns up in our attic out of cardboard boxes and she'd make furniture, too, to go inside them... Ahh... memories... I'm glad you are enjoying your daughter's creativity! (And thanks for your comments at my blog...)Blessings, Debra


~Adorable dollhouse, Chloe!
~Great tutorial Debbie...cool fabric!
~have the lavender hand soap by Method and will now be looking for the pear kitchen soap...sounds YUMMO (as RR would say)
~what a gorgeous site for mantels!...lovely indeed!

Terri Pollhein

I have always wanted a doll's house that looks like my house. I think that it would be great fun. Your daughter did a wonderful job on hers.
I'm impressed with the care she took.

Susan P.

What charming touches Chloe has added to her doll house. She must get it from her mama:)


Thanks for the links love the Enchanted Treasures site never would have found it without you. Chloe's dolls house is wonderful. Well done Chloe!

Leigh Ann

Thanks for sharing Chloe's decorations. They are so sweet!


Chloe, your dollhouse is beautiful! I love your decorations and hope you share photos if you decorate for Christmas, too. Abby


Like Mother, like Daughter.
Very sweet Chloe.



Please tell Chloe that I love the leaf garland and wee pumpkins she's put everywhere in her little doll house. So cute!

Clarice, I'm crazy about that "Mantel of the Month" site you linked to. I need to have a mantel that looks like this immediately. Now. This minute. :-)

Mrs. Staggs

Oh my Chloe, what a wonderful job you've done with your decorations! Will you be decorating for the Christmas season as well? I can hardly wait to see!
The pear cleaning supplies sound really nice Clarice and it was fun to see the mantle. I've been thinking about how to display my snowpeople this year, so it was nice to see some inspiration.

melissa and lisa

How creative of you to think of decorating your house for fall. I love to use scupley too! Well done! ~melissa and lisa


CHLOE your dollhouse is soooo sweet!!!! YOU ROCK! Love Auberne'. =]

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