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I was asked by a friend (actually a couple) to post my Thanksgiving menu. I said well I never make the same thing twice and she said that was the point. Life is to crazy right now for me to write down all the recipes. So I found recipes similar and I will tell you how I would change them. I always pick menus were I can make part of it ahead of time. I do not like to be a crazy cooking woman on the day. So am making this weekend (we are have Thanksgiving next weekend) the cheese cake and pie crust for the freezer. At the beginning of the week I will make the cranberries sauce and roast the pumpkin for the pie. A day or two before will chop all the veggies I can and roast and peel the chesnuts. I would love to hear what others are making, if you care to share. The girls will be making these sweet Martha’s squirrels with a treat in them for each place setting. And also Mrs. Staggs wonderful cornucopias that we will tuck our napkins in. Thank you Mrs. Staggs. Enjoy all !!

First course

Pumpkin Bisque

Main course

deep fried turkey

sour cream mashed potatoes


well I hate making gray, so I am buy the pre-made stuff from the gourmet grocery store !!

rye bread stuffing with dried apricots, pecans, and maple sausage

red wine cranberry sauce

green beans with chestnuts

balsamic roasted veggies

I will make this but with more than carrots. Probably peppers, onions, parsnips, pumpkins.


pecan pie with whole wheat crust

pumpkin cheesecake



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I love the squirrels. I went to Martha's website and can no longer find them. :(


Susan P.

Can I "squeeze" around your table, Clarice?? LOL Everything sounds so delicious:)


A lovely autumn menu. I'm so glad I don't have to tackle a Thanksgiving Day although it must be a lovely start to the Advent period.


Just stopping by to say hello. Your Thanksgiving menu looks wonderful. Pumpkin cheesecake...mmm.:)


Thanks for sharing your menu Clarice. I was also thinking about making a pumpkin cheesecake. I saw a recipe in of my magazines, can't remember which.
I love the squirrels!


Your lovely blog is full of so many delicious recipes ~ Yummy!


Yay! Thank you so much for posting your Thanksgiving menu! I love that you always do something different. Usually vastly different than anyone else on the planet :)

I have only ever steamed pumpkin for pie--never thought of roasting. Does it give a different flavor?

Mrs. Staggs

You are most welcome Clarice!
Your menu sounds scrumptious. I especially like the sound of that vegetable recipe.
A happy weekend to you!


I made the cherry chops {I used cranberries} and I loved them;
Unfortunately my kids wouldn't try them. So it was just little old me. Thanks for the recipe Clarice.

Annabelle ~^..^~ xo


Hi Clarice,
your menu sounds yummy and I like how you are doing alot of the work ahead of time. I have had my eye on the same squirrels. They are so sweet!

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