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    This week I am going to give a hodge-podge of ideas.

A warm drink the girls and I have been enjoying is a cup of hot milk with a tsp. of almond extract and a bit of maple syrup (for sweetness). Top with a dish of cinnamon. I also make a drink I called Butterscotch Milk which is a hot milk with a spoonful of coconut  sugar but you can use brown sugar too.



     Lastly I made this soup for my girlfriends and it turned out so good. I mean really good! You need roasted sweet potatoes, so I suggest a few days before you make sweet potatoes fries (that is what I call them for my girls)  with your dinner and make extra to set aside.


Sweet Potatoes fries.

Cut sweet potatoes in wedges peeled or unpeeled according to your taste. Toss sweet potatoes in enough olive oil to coat fries, some salt, smoky paprika and granulated garlic. Set sweet potatoes in a wide pan so they are not crowded. Roast sweet potatoes at 350 until they are soft and edges are crispy. About a good hour or so.



    You can use other sausages, but linquica is my favorite. It is already cooked so you are sauteing it only to render a bit of fat and to crisp it up. Feel free to add, change, etc. the spices to your suiting. It could be made much spicier for those who like more heat, such as hot curry, red pepper, etc.

Curried Sweet Potatoes Linquica soup

1 link of Linguiça

2 cans of garbanzos (I Like Trader Joes the best, cheap but perfectly cooked and not slimy)

1 can fire roasted tomatoes

1 onion, chopped

3 garlic, cloves finely chopped

a generous cup of roasted sweet potatoes, cut in small cubes

2 cups broth

2 tsp. smoky paprika

1/2 tsp. cumin

1 tsp. sweet curry powder

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

salt and pepper

1/ cup yogurt

Cut Linguiça  into small cubes and sauté in stock pot until it is crisp and releases some oil. Pull out sausage but leave fat and set sausage aside for later. Add a TBL olive oil to the fat from the sausage and sauté onions until soft, add broth, beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, spices and then cover with water and simmer about 15 minutes. Then with one of those puree sticks (or you can mash with a potato masher) puree about a 1/3 so you have it creamy but still lots of whole beans and veggies. taste. When you are ready to serve you add the Linguiça and yogurt. Important do not boil soup after you have added yogurt. Heat slowly or the yogurt will break and become grainy.

Painting by John H. Burrow


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How about ginger milk? A doctor once told me it produces less phlegm than milk when you have a head-cold, but we love to drink it any time!

A teaspoon of honey and 1/8 tsp. ground ginger in a cup of hot milk. Our 7 yod calls it "spice drink" and is eagerly awaiting the day when I tell her the "secret ingredients!"

I wonder if it would work with fresh ginger... hmmm... I've never tried grinding fresh ginger. ?



Love the painting. That soup sounds yummy. There are so many recipes to try and so little time for all. I’m not greatest of cooks but I'll try baking and cooking more this month. Thanks for all your lovely ideas and recipes.

Annabelle ~^..^~ xo


Wow Clarice, these are GREAT recipes! I'm in a recipe gathering process right now, and if you dont mind might share some of these : )


What great ideas. thanks .I especially love the potato and shrimp one and the hot chocolate mix.


I think my young men could even make the shrimp 'n' baked potatoes meal! Yum! And the soup sounds divine! In "winter country" where I live, we drink lots of hot cocoa. Thanks for sharing your recipes.


I am soooooo going to try that shrimp & taters thing!! I love seafood ...lovely!

Terri Pollhein

Oh Wow! I that artist is wonderful, isn't he? Wouldn't I love to have something that vibrant over my fireplace. O.K. if I had a fireplace here! LOL
The shrimp and potatos sounds delicous. So does the sweet potato soup.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Thanks for the proportions on the hot chocolate. My Aunt used to make this and I've been thinking about trying to find the right mix. What type of cocoa to you like to use?


Your recipes look scrumptious, as does your blog, thanks for visiting Willow House.

Copper's Wife

Oh, so many yummy things to try!! You know, I'll have to look for that frozen shrimp at Costco this week. Copper, Dani and my oldest son love shrimp and I never buy it. Hmmm... Thank you for all the new recipes to try!


The warm drink above sounds wonderfully yummy!:) So does everything else for that matter. I read your blog daily, just so you know! :)

Love ya,
Renee (who just used your taco seasoning recipe yesterday!)

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