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I feel in love with the hot-pad Debbie did and had to make some. I too knitted a square in the seed stich. But the big thing is I did a quilt square. I HATE quilting (Kathy, mary see I did a quilt square). I can not cut or sew a strait line. But this was small and not too bad. But I do not know how you quilters do it. I am hoping dear Debbie (Please, please) will post more about how she made these. Like how she sew the two together?  I did it on a sewing machine. I forgot to take in account to make the quilted square big enough to fold over the edges. So next time I will not have raw edges. I used Insul-bright in the middle but an old blanket would work fine. I am going to make some bigger ones octagon shape for pads for the table. Maybe with these small quilt projects I will learn to embrace quilting more (but I doubt it !!)




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Yay!! That looks like sooooo much fun! You're right, sewing people are the nicest and everybody looks so happy in their aprons (aprons are an instant smile enhancer aren't they?)! Your mom is so pretty (now I know where you get it)!


Nice hot plate pad. I've been thinking about making one in a crazy quilt pattern.
Nice blog.


Definitely the beginning of great things!


Love the finished product! I can actually see me making some of those.

And for the record, it's not a law--not everybody has to love to quilt : )


Cute! I love to play with hot pad ideas and this is a good idea.




Good Eye! I love the fabric choices!

Terri Pollhein

That's funny! I got the things I need to make some potholders last weekend! I haven't started yet, but, like you I figured it would be an easy quilting project and a good way to learn.

Tracy's Turret

That looks really cool--neat combination of fabrics!


I love your quilted pad. I know what you mean about it being hard to cut and sew a straight seam. You'd think that those skills would be easy. But, I have tried some quilting and hope to do more. And, for the life of me, I can't figure out why I make so many mistakes in cutting. :)



Oh Clarice, it's beautiful! I love the fabrics you used~they look great together. Someone else has also asked how I made the potholder, so I promise I will post the details with some pictures as soon as possible.
You never know, after making a few more quilt squares you might begin to like it :)

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