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Well I have picked my theme for this years Christmas. A Victorian English theme. This was actually my theme last year, but it will be even better this year. Black, red, silver, gold. Lots of Victorian Santa’s, silver pieces and figgy puddings. I have some wonderful crafts planned for the up coming weeks (if I can get it all done !!)


Here I have made a figgy pudding ornaments. I have used wool felt. If you have never used wool felt before, please do. Even if you have to buy the wool blend at Joanne’s. It is soooo much nicer and easier to cut and work with then poly felt. I cut two circles of brown felt. I sewed them together and left a opening to stuff with wool or poly fleece.


I stuff the circles, but not too much. I found if I stuffed them to full the edges wrinkled. The I sewed the opening closed.

To make the icing I cut a half circle. Then cut the icing edge. It worked better for me if I cut them free hand, instead of using a pattern. Just remember to make some long, some short, some fat, some thin. Just like icing.


Then glitter the icing. I use fabri-tac  and sprinkled glitter. I used mica flakes but really just clear glitter would look fantastic. Cut-out two dark green felt leaves. I had Chloe needle feltedme berries. But buttons, bead, silk holly, ect would work.


Then glue (using the fabri-tac, everyone should own a bottle of this stuff) the icing on the cake, then the leaves, then the berries. I did not want loop hanging of the top (but you could add a loop when you are sewing the cake up) So I ran a hook through the back of the cake. I wanted to say that you do not have to sew the cakes together. You could glue the circles together with the fabri-tac. It is perfect for this type of craft.


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That's just lovely. I'm eager to see all your other decorations not that I want you to feel under pressure.


This is just adorable. I may try to make one or two as gifts to use as pincushions. Hope you don't mind. Thanks for the inspiration. I too have a Victorian theme in my home each Christmas. Charles Dickens comes each year and even leaves his top hat.


I can't wait to hear/see more about your Victorian English Christmas. The 'figgy pudding' looks great!


That looks really cute on the plate. What a good idea to needlefelt the berries. Mom


What a great idea Clarice! Thank you for taking the time to show us how to make one.
I can't wait to see what all that you are going to do!

Susan P.

It looks so realistic I almost want to take a bite! LOL


Thanks this is lovely.



So clever, and cute too!

Enjoy your crafts... Don't forget to show & tell..

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