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Cranberry Muffins


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Thank you so much for sharing this site about creches, it is really beautiful. now where did I put those scissors...

Terri Pollhein

Oh Clarice!
Those Creches are so very, very cool! Thanks for finding and sharing them!
God bless!


I think Creches are so cute. And I think you are sweet.

Lindsey @ enjoythejourney

Oh Clarice, thank you :)

And these are LOVELY.


How lovely and sweet are these..thanks for sharing Clarice!
BTW ~ I'm sure I've told you before, but I love your delightful blog! :)

Susan P.

Oh how beautiful Clarice! I just wanted to "pop" in and wish you and your family a most blessed and special Thanksgiving!
Susan P.


My girls are working on making one of these this afternoon.
Thanks for sharing your discovery, Clarice!


Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


Thankyou I love nativity scenes.


Clarice, they are absolutely amazing!! So beautiful! I'm going to be printing these out for sure. I also love the black and white ones to color. Thank you for sharing such lovely things with us.

Mary T.

Hey, girlfriend! I'm still alive but laying low in the commitment department. I did just want to wish you and your faithful readers a wonderful, safe and family friendly thanksgiving! Love you, Mary


That sounds lovely. I'll check out the link.
For the first time this year I'll have a crèche. I bought a handmade doll house for two dollars at the thrift store which looks a bit like an English cottage. All I have to do is add straw on the roof and the two levels of the inside. I have always had the figurines but I never bought them a crèche. Can't wait to see the results. My daughter has a Christmas Victorian Village in cardboard which from far looks real {toys- are- us product} its beautiful when lit up. I'll try this crèche as well...Thanks again.

Annabelle ~^..^~ xo

Sharon Kay

I will check out your link and thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Sunday.........

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