Thanksgiving Fun

Cranberry Muffins


For Thanksgiving breakfast we are having cranberry muffins. I wanted to share that (as you know) I am big for having food in the freezer, to save me time and money. Well I keep unbaked muffins in the freezer. This is how I do it. I set paper cups in muffin tins, fill each cup with batter. Set pans in freezer. When batter is frozen, I transfer the muffins to freezer baggies. Then I pull out what I want to bake. I DO NOT defrost muffins. I just set the cup frozen in the muffin tin and bake. It will take the muffins maybe 5 minutes longer. Not much. It is soo easy and then you have fresh baked muffins any time you want. This recipe is a page from a cookbook I am making for each of the girls. It make 4-5 dozen muffins.


Kristin asked about roasting pumpkin, if it tasted better. I do think it does taste better, but it is not a big difference. The big reason I roast the pumpkins is because it is so darn easy. I cut pumpkins in half, scoop out seeds. I use a jelly roll pan (but any pan with sides). Put a 1/2 inch water and set pumpkins in pan. Bake uncovered 350 till pumpkin tender and can easily be pierced with knife. Do not worry about water cooking away, do not add more water. Let pumpkin cool and scoop flesh into processor an throw away skin. Process pumpkin till smooth. I freeze cup-fulls in baggies. This is so much easier then cubing, peeling and steaming (The way I use to do it). Thank you Angie for teaching me this easy way, you are the best !!


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What a perfect idea, Clarice! I also bake mine first, and then freeze; but your idea sounds much better. I love cranberry muffins and will have to try this out soon. Debbie


I've got lots of pumpkins left from my garden so I'll have to get baking them. THEN......I can make pumpkin muffins with it. You're so smart, Clarice!

Mrs. Mobunny

If I ever get a hankering to make REAL pumpkin pies or breads or cakes....I will surely do the pumpkin like this. I never liked the idea of the other way.
Thanks for the good picture.


Your daughters' cookbooks look lovely. Cranberries are available here though a bit expensive but the muffins would be nice for a treat.


YUM those are my fave flavor muffins!!! Thanks for the recipe.


Awwww--thanks for the pumpkin tip! Much, much easier than the old way!!!!


Now I would've never thought of freezing them without baking them first! What a great idea! You share so many wonderful things with us Clarice. Thank you for all the thoughtful things you do for us here in Storybook Woods.

Sharon Kay

The muffins look so good and I have an orange tree in full bloom in the back yard so I will try it out. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Copper's Wife

Stroke of genius, Clarice!!! We often do muffin making sprees here, but always bake them all before freezing. You have just made my day by suggesting freezing them before baking! Absolute genius, my dear.


What a great idea , but first I need to get all that mystery stuff out of my freezer to make room.

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